Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)
Directed by
 Mel Stuart
Saturday (November 24) and Sunday (November 25) at 11:45am

1) The film is pretty scary. From Mr. Slugworth following the children around as they get the golden tickets to the idea that the children are disfigured or dead at the Factory to the fizzy lifting drink almost lifting Charlie into the fan blades to the horrifying elevator ride that turns into a flying vessel, WWATCF has some really dark undertones.

2) Perhaps most frightening of all though is the boat ride in which things seem to go out of control (curious how the boat moves faster but no one’s hair moves). I remember having to religiously fast forward through this scene when my brother was young; the snake crawling over the mouth and the chicken getting his head cut off where a bit much for a five-year old.

3) I used to hold my breath from the point where Augustus Gloop gets sucked underneath the chocolate river until he winds up in the tube. I could never do it and always though Augustus would surely be dead.

4) Let’s face it, as kids we didn’t think much about it but having FOUR old people living in a bed together is more than a little creepy. I don’t even want to think how they all went to the bathroom or bathed without getting out of bed for so many years. Poor Charlie’s mother. She had to deal with that and then go boil clothes.

5) I’m still waiting for the 3-course meal stick of gum.

6) Be imaginative and mindful. What great messages this story tells children; at once to be creative and true to yourself and that the world is open to so many possibilities but also acting a huge warning of what can happen to all the rotten and misbehaved kids out there. 

7) Those Oompa-Loompas must have been so pissed when they discovered that Wonka was bringing in all these troublesome strangers into the Factory.

8) The idea of an “everlasting gobstopper” was one of the most brilliant I had heard as a child. Then as an adult I realize how that would result in a serious drop in revenue for the Wonka Factory. Sad.

9) Gene. Fucking. Wilder. 

10) Don’t care how, I want it now! Veruca Salt’s scene is the best. She was a bad egg.