Get the Hell out of here, November. It’s December time, which means it’s time to deck the halls, fa la la and all of that cheery merry shit that we pretend to loath but secretly love so much. We’ve got a new movie this week, as well as some rad special screenings and, oh man Christmas trivia! Let’s go!

Killing Them Softly with Brad Pitt’s Great Big Shotgun

This weekend we’re opening up gritty Brad Pitt crime thriller Killing Them Softly (Tickets), the newest from Andrew Dominik, the director of Chopper and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Long Ass Title. We’re also holding on to Silver Linings Playbook (Tickets), and splitting Theater 3 between The Sessions (Tickets), Looper (Tickets) and midnight screenings of Seven Psychopaths (Tickets).

Where Out On The Lawn, There Arose Such a Clatter, Then Santa Murdered Me With A Big Knife… Also Tron

Silly Santa slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night (Tickets) shoves its way down Nitehawk’s chimney this weekend, come see as a recovering mental patient goes on a yuletide killing spree dressed like old Saint Nick.

For those not quite into the Christmas swing of things yet, we have Disney’s amazing blue and orange epic, Tron (Tickets), with a live score performed in the theater by Geoff Gersh and his group Black Lodge.

We Got A Little Ol’ Convoy

Cause we got a little Convoy (Tickets), rockin’ through our Brunch. Yeah, we got Sam Peckinpah’s Convoy, Ain’t she a beautiful sight? Come on and join our Convoy, starts around 11:30. We also have a band too, they’re gonna play before the movie.


The A.V. Club’s New Cult Canon Presents: Bad Santa

Cool guy pop culture blog The A.V. Club is going on tour with their New Cult Canon series this month and will be stopping by Nitehawk on Tuesday, December 4 to screen Bad Santa (Tickets). A.V. Club editor Keith Phipps will be on hand to introduce the movie and director Terry Zwigoff has provided a special slide show for the pre-show.

Christmas Movie Trivia

Our monthly trivia night this month is on Wednesday, December 5 is Christmas themed, with four categories of questions all about everyone’s favorite, least favorite and weirdly obscure Christmas movies. Game starts at 7:30, is free to play and will no doubt fill up fast, so get in and grab a spot early. There will no doubt be a stocking full of prizes for the victor, but don’t quote me on that because I still haven’t bought the stocking yet. You’ll get something if you win, I can promise that at least.