‘Tis the Season…of the witch! Watch these trailer to be prepared for tonight’s very special VHS Vault Devilish Double Feature of Devil’s Female (Magdalena, Possessed by the Devil) and The Devil’s Widow (Tam Lin). The way we figure it, the horror doesn’t stop during the holidays so what better way to celebrate the weird than by making Santa into Satan this year! As such, we present to you two frightful films – one German and the other very swingingly British – in which the devil himself has gotten tangled up with the ladies.


Monday, December 10 | Films start at 8pm | Downstairs Cafe | Free

Devil’s Female or Magdalena, Possessed by the Devil (1974)
This rarely seen exploitation film from notorious German sleaze master Walter Boos features a teenage orphan girl who, after being raped by an unseen entity, becomes possessed by which the likes we’ve never seen. An obvious attempt to capitalize on the popularity of The Exorcist, Devil’s Female shows us the sexier side to satanic possession.

The Devil’s Widow or Tam lin (1970)
Roddy McDowall’s only directorial venture brings us Ava Gardner as an older British woman who practices witchcraft to stay as young and sexy as her jet-set friends. But when her young lover (played by Ian McShane!) falls for a 20-something farm girl, things go from bad to dead.