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Keeping the same roster this week with Silver Linings Playbook (Tickets), Killing Them Softly (Tickets), Looper (Tickets), The Sessions (Tickets) and Seven Psychopaths (Tickets). Fret not, though on Christmas Day we will be getting Quentin Tarantino’s newest juggernaut Django Unchained, tickets for which will be going on sale soon.

Revenge Served Cold with a Side of Christmas Mayhem at Midnight

We have to midnight features this weekend, the first as part of our two part lead up to Django: Kill Bill Vol. 1 (Tickets), which we’re screening on 35mm. See the Bride knock off a few of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and take on all 88 of the Crazy 88. Which, by the way, if you didn’t get a chance to see that Crazy 88 scene on the big screen, you really owe it to yourself to see it all huge and spectacularly bloody.

In Theater 2, we’re very excited to screen Lewis Jackson’s Christmas Evil (Tickets), a 1980 Christmas horror film that dares to be so much more. Well acted, emotional, savvy and just all around a damn fine film, Christmas Evil depicts the emotional and mental breakdown of a toy factory manager who struggles to cope with a traumatic childhood and a world that’s rotten to the core. John Waters often screens it around the country, calling it the best holiday film of all time. Also be sure to check out our interview with director Lewis Jackson about the film.

On top of that,  we’re bringing back our own horror host, Desmond Ghoulie, for another installment of Prepare to be Scared. If you missed Desmond’s first foray on the big screen, here’s the first episode from when he hosted Fright Night.

Marnie Scissorhands at Brunch

We have two brunch features this weekend. The first, every goth kid’s favorite Christma film Edward Scissorhands (Tickets) makes its Nitehawk debut, and the second an under-seen Hitchcock classic, Marnie (Tickets), starring Tippy Hedren and Sean Connery.

Cafe Programming

Wednesday night in the cafe, one of our more awesome recurring events, Bootleggers Night makes its return. This month, we’re pulling a rare bootleg of The Cars performing live. Come on out for the bootlegger special, which is a $5 beer and shot. We’ll also have a DJ in the bar playing a set based all around how much cooler Ric Ocasek is than everyone else.