01 motors

January 4 & January 5; Midnight | Tickets

Holy Motors (2012)

A film that nearly everyone has been talking about and clamoring over ever since its release. With dreamlike fluidity as Monsieur Oscar morphs from one life to the next, Holy Motors is a mesmerizing and mind-bending journey that proposes a think about the power of identity. One weekend only.


02 quad

January 4 & January 5; Midnight | Tickets

Quadrophenia (1979) presented in 35mm

Set to The Who’s 1973 album, Quadrophenia sets the mods against the rockers in this tale of teenage angst. Before the show, down in the bar, we’ll be doling out free Bulldog Gin cocktails with DJ Blurry Murray spinning starting at 10pm. Mod attire is encouraged. Come on, you know you have it.


03 whore

January 5 & January 6; Noon | Tickets

Country Brunchin’: The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982) presented in 35mm

Country Brunchin’ returns for the new year with The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, a film that has disappointed many a 10 year old who watched it on television. Okay, one. It at least disappointed one ten year old (it was me). A TV preacher man is out to shut down The Chicken Ranch, the world’s greatest whorehouse, and its up to Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton to sing and dance their way out of getting shut down. A set from the Dolly Parton tribute band The Doll Parts will precede the movie.


04 gremlins

January 5 & January 6; Noon | Tickets

Gremlins (1984)

Joe Dante’s grotesque dismantling of small town America in the guise of a family-friendly adventure film, Gremlins caused such an outcry from parents that it contributed to the creation of the PG-13 rating. Even after all these years, the movie still has teeth.


05 ninja

January 7; 6pm-12pm | Cafe | Free

VHS Vault: Revenge of the Ninja (1983), Little Mad Guy (1982), Bionic Ninja (1986)

It’s a triple feature for VHS Vault this month, and we’ve dusted off three ninja films from the vault. The first, Revenge of the Ninja, shows the ultimate battle between good and evil ninjas in the big city; Little Mad Guy, is a “madcap tale of a simpleton who fights for the people,” according to the box; and Bionic Ninja, where a CIA operative has to fight a KGB backed ninja to get his hands on some secret microfilm. We’ll be playing these guys all night in the street side bar.


trivia banner4

January 9; 8:30pm | Cafe | Free

Movie Trivia Night: Origins, Reboots and Beginnings

Trivia night returns for 2k13 with a theme that concentrates on origin stories, reboots, first installments and so forth. We’re starting a bit later than usual, 8:30, but the same rules apply as always: get there early, up to 5 per team, and no cell phones!


06 dressed

January 11 & January 12; Midnight | Tickets

Brian De Palma Director Series: Dressed to Kill (1980) 35mm (Friday only)

This year, we’re going to be introducing a few new fun series at Nitehawk, and one of them is the Signature Series, multi-week long engagements of the works of some our favorite actors and directors. First: Brian De Palma and his erotic thriller Dressed to Kill.


07 invisible

January 12; Noon & Midnight | Tickets

The Invisible Man (1933) w/ Phantom Creep Theatre

Phantom Creep Theatre is a Coney Island based troupe rooted in classic horror host tropes. We’ve invited the whole lot, the singing spider lady, the robot puppets and the deep bench of men in spooky masks, out to Nitehawk to host our screening of what may be the best of the Universal horror films: The Invisible Man. There will be two shows for Saturday, a brunch show at Noon, and a late night show at Midnight.



January 12 & January 13; Noon | Tickets

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) presented in 35mm

Ah, finally. The big screen debut of the heroes in a half shell comes to Nitehawk. The film shows the origins of the turtles, their first run-in with the foot clan and a final showdown with Shredder himself.


Urgh! A Music War

January 18 & January 19; Midnight | Tickets

Urgh! A Music War (1981) presented in 35mm

A collection of performances from seminal acts in punk, post-punk and new wave including Klaus Nomi, Joan Jett, XTC, The Go-Go’s, DEVO, Oingo Boingo, Dead Kennedys Gary Numan and more.


10 poly

January 18; 8pm | Cafe | Free

Network Awesome: Women of Punk

Network Awesome returns yet again with another installment of their ongoing series highlighting the lady leaders in Punk Rock. The show includes concert footage, interviews, TV clips and more, all for free down at the bar.


11 valhalla

January 18 & January 19; Midnight | Tickets

LIVE + SOUND + CINEMA: Valhalla Rising (2009) with Black Lodge

Bronson and Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn’s violent viking thriller gets a musical upgrade from Black Lodge, the group that gave the awesome and loud score to Tron last month. I expect this score will be just as… uh, vibrant.



January 19 & January 20; Midnight | Tickets

Spoons, Toons & Booze

Before the age of the internet and the weird need to watch every single episode of every TV show you watch, it was kind of a big deal to watch the first episode of your favorite cartoon show. In case you missed the story behind Captain Planet or, I don’t know, James Bond Jr, the Secret Formula guys have you covered with a STB dedicated to origins and first episodes.


12 et

January 19 & January 20; Noon | Tickets

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) presented in 35mm

Everyone’s favorite weird looking alien friend makes a brunch appearance of the third kind this month. Come see little Elliott stick it to the man and make sure that his alien buddy makes it back home.


13 wz

January 22; 8pm | Cafe | Free

Screen Shots: Wild Zero (1999)

Guitar Wolf’s feature length zombie splatter-fest Wild Zero is perfect for drinking games. They shoot *a lot* of zombies in the head and, man do they yell ROCK AN ROLL a lot. Come get loaded and rock out.



January 25 & January 26; Midnight | Tickets

Repo Man (1984) presented in 35mm

The ultimate sci-fi punk rock classic with a glowing green space car, about a young punk who quits his bland life for the life of a repo man. While on a quest to repossess goods from all of the deadbeats L.A. has to offer, he gets caught up in some nasty business involving the contents of a 1964 Chevy Malibu.



January 26 & January 27; Noon | Tickets

The Muppet Movie (1979) presented in 35mm

A ambitious small swamp frog named Kermit always dreamed of making it big in show biz, but it’s not until he leaves the swamp until his dreams start to come true. The film shows how the Muppet gang got together, from Fozzie and Miss Piggie all the way down to Dr. Teeth and Sweetums. The only thing that could possibly stop them is an evil restaurant tycoon who wants to serve up Kermit’s legs for the American public.



January 26 & January 27; Noon | Tickets

LIVE + SOUND + CINEMA: The Docks of New York (1928) w/ Guizot

Closing out the month, we have The Docks of New York, a 1928 silent from Josef von Sternberg starring George Bancroft and Betty Compson. Bancroft plays a scuzzy dock-jockey who saves a dance-hall girl from drowning in the East River. Bancroft falls for the girl, but life is hard on the docks, and it really shouldn’t be surprising that things don’t really… work out.

Coming in Febuary: More De Palma, Harrison Ford on the run, OG Django, and mother-fucking Robocop!