Dolly Parton seems to be in the cultural ether these days, as if everyone suddenly realized that this backwoods Barbie from Sevierville, Tennessee was more than just a Plasticine walking boob job. We love Mrs. Parton here at Nitehawk, which is why we’re happy to show off her not inconsiderable acting chops with The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas this weekend for Country Brunchin’.

So to show our love ahead of time, we combed through YouTube and dug up some of our favorite Dolly clips. Some of them are classics, one of them is just downright weird. Enjoy!

“Jolene,” “The Porter Wagoner Show” in 1973

Dolly’s best and most powerful song, and check out that pantsuit!

Medley, “The Porter Wagoner Show” in 1970

A medley of “Put It Off Until Tomorrow,” “Your Ole’ Handyman,” and “I’m in No Condition.” The best part of this video is how that huge voice just rips right out of that tiny body as soon as she opens her mouth. Also, that giant bob!

Interview, “Late Night With David Letterman,” June 2010

Dolly and Dave. What’s not to love about this wild vs. straight pairing?

“9 to 5” Live in London, 1983

You may have heard this song to death, but Dolly sings the living shit out of it in this video.

Interview, The Sunday Times, 2012

Dolly turned down Elvis. Who knew?

Dolly Parton Marries Hulk Hogan, 1987

Well, can’t say I expected to come across this. This is a clip from “The Dolly Show,” for a song called “Headlock on my Heart.” The song is pretty terrible, but good grief the glory of the video.