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This week, Django Unchained (Tickets) holds strong in theater 1, killing all of the white people to everyone’s great pleasure. It’s been selling out like crazy though, so if you want to see it this weekend, get your tickets early! For those uninterested in quasi-historical revenge fantasies, we still have Killing Them Softly (Tickets) and Silver Linings Playbook (Tickets). To be honest, your options are kind of limited if you want to avoid seeing people get shot in the head. Bradley Cooper is good looking though, so there’s that.

Mods and Motors at Midnight

For midnight this weekend we have Quadrophenia (Tickets) a tale of teenage rebellion set to The Who’s seminal album by the same name. Starting at 10, in the bar, we’ll hosting a Modded out party as well, with FREE Bulldog gin cocktails with music from DJ Blurry Murray. Mod attire is encouraged, and if you have a scooter, bring that too. We’re going all out for this one!

Our other midnight this week is the much clamored over Holy Motors (Tickets), a French film that I haven’t seen yet and whose premise I won’t pretend to understand. Here’s what my colleague wrote about it “With dreamlike fluidity as Monsieur Oscar morphs from one life to the next, Holy Motors is a mesmerizing and mind-bending journey that proposes a think about the power of identity.” Sounds cool!

Little Dolly and Little Monsters

Country Brunchin’ this month is all about Mrs. Dolly Parton. In The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (Tickets), Dolly pairs up with Burt Reynolds to sing and dance their way into saving a remote brothel from getting shuttered by a local preacherman. Live show from Parton tribute band The Doll Parts will precede the show.

As part of our little creatures brunch series this month, we have Joe Dante’s wild, funny and scary Gremlins (Tickets), a movie that you should expose your children to at a young age, so they can know the terror and confusion that I felt when my mother forced me to watch it.

Down at the Bar

On Monday, January 7 VHS Vault is a Triple Feature of Ninjas and kong fu with three ninja flicks we dusted off from the vault. Startin at 6pm we have Revenge of the Ninja, then Little Mad Guy, and finally Bionic Ninja, where a CIA operative has to fight a KGB backed ninja to get his hands on some secret microfilm.

Trivia Night returns on Wednesday, January 9th, starting at 8:30 pm as well. We’re celebrating the new year with questions about reboots, origins and beginnings! As always, be sure to get there early to secure yourself a seat, it can fill up quickly down there.