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This week is a regular Oscartopia at Nitehawk, with three best picture nominees lighting things up. The first, in theater one, Zero Dark Thirty (Tickets), Kathryn Bigelow’s intense adaptation of the hunt for Osama Bin Laden by a cavalcade of TV actors (Alternate title: Coach Taylor, Andy Dwyer, Tony Soprano, Capt. Jack Harkness, Carlos, Augustus Hill, and Pete from “The League” Save America). Tarantino’s newest Django Unchained (Tickets) has moved downstairs while David O. Russell hangs on in Theater 3 with Silver Linings Playbook (Tickets)

New Foodstuffs

Our Zero Dark Thirty special, The Compound, spice rubbed lamb shoulder with pickled red onion, curry aioli, pita, cucumber and cumin salad. We’ve added some new items to the menu as well: a roasted vegetable terrine (red & yellow peppers, squash, eggplant, zucchini baked and derved with a chipotle lime vinaigrette); soy ginger chicken skewers (fairthee well pork skewers, you delicious fattening bastards); lentil salad served warm on frisee and arugula; a house-made pate for the cheese plate (which is crazy good, I had it last week), a new chicken sandwich (grilled chicken breast marinated in tequila, lime and achote paste with grilled pimento aioli, cotija cheese on a hoagie roll) and a new hot dog concoction (the same Brooklyn Banger as before with the addition of duck confit on top).

De Palma & The Invisible Man

At midnight this weekend, we’re launching our series The Works, where we will be playing a whole host of movies from some of our favorite actors and directors. We’ll be starting off with Brian De Palma and his steamy thriller Dressed to Kill (Tickets) both Friday and Saturday at midnight. Unfortunately, due to the length of Zero Dark Thirty and Django (both scratch at the three hour mark), our 35mm screening had to be cancelled, and both nights will be screened from a digital copy.

Saturday night at midnight we’re hosting a one night only screening of The Invisible Man (Tickets), the best of the Universal horror films, save for maybe Son of Frankenstein (/needless personal opinion), with the help of Phantom Creep Theatre, who will be performing a live horror host show in the theater before the show. They have a singing spider lady, which is pretty rad.

Ninja Brunch

Our brunch feature this weekend is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Sold Out), the 1990 adaptation of Kevin Eastman’s and Peter Laird’s comic book, which drove every kid CRAZY for pizza and merchandise for a few years, this kid included. Like our De Palma screening though, we’ve had to cancel our 35mm screening of the film because Tarantino and Bigelow got all stingy with the cuts in the editing room.

In Other News

We’ll be closing early on Monday, which means no 10pm screenings. Our entire staff will be at an undisclosed location getting hammered at an open bar. I’m going to get into a drinking competition with our head projectionist and then he’s going to beat me to death in the sumo pit. It’ll be a good time, if I live.

Tuesday night at 8pm, down in the cafe Joe Palacios will be hosting his Bootlegger’s Night in the cafe, this time with a live bootleg from Jesus Lizard. DJ Hit The Play Button on the Projectors  Chairman Yow will be playing your favorite Touch and Go bands all night as well!