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For our main features this week, we are hanging on to all three movies we’re currently playing because you guys all seem pretty eager to see them. So that means we’ll be screening Golden Globe winners Zero Dark Thirty (Tickets), Django Unchained (Tickets) and Silver Linings Playbook (Tickets) for another week.

Really Loud Midnights

Our pair of midnight movies this weekend are nine shades of rad and loud and awesome. First, we invited Black Lodge back to Nitehawk after their astounding and loud as hell score to Tron last month. This month they’ll be blaring away over Danish cult favorite Nicolas Winding Refn’s (Drive, Bronson, PusherValhalla Rising (Tickets), starring Mads Mikkelson as a one-eyed Norse badass from 1000 AD.

Downstairs we have the equally incredible Urgh! A Music War (Tickets), a British concert film that cobbles together concert footage from some of the biggest acts in early 80’s new wave, ska, post-punk and electronic plick-pluckery. We put together a playlist to accompany it, with tracks from acts in the movie like Wall of Voodoo, XTC, X, Klaus Nomi, The Go-Go’s and more. This is playing off an original, thirty-year-old print.

Phoning it in Home at Brunch

Oh, E.T. You sad, scary little monster. Though Caryn and I are both open about our profound feelings of depression and fear that swirl around this movie for the two of us, not everyone feels that way and that’s okay. So, that being said, we’re playing E.T. The Extraterrestrial (Tickets) for brunch this week as part of our Little Monsters series. It’s the story of a terrifying alien who becomes best friends with a little boy and then gets chased around by shady government agents that want to dissect him, you know, “for science.” This is a kid friendly screening and will be on 35mm, so kids over 6 are welcome to come along with their parents and just… cry and cry and cry.

If childhood trauma isn’t your thing, there’s a lighter fair upstairs with Spoons, Toons and Booze (Tickets), Secret Formula’s monthly foray into sugar addiction and nostalgia addled madness. This month’s theme centers around first episodes and origin stories, so if you’ve ever wanted to see how Scrooge McDuck got his severely irresponsible hands (wings?) on his nephews, come on in and grab a bowl of your favorite brand of cereal your mother would never let you have and find out.

Cafe Programming

Down in the cafe this week we have three free events planned.

First, on Friday night at 10pm is Network Awesome’s continued series Women in Punk, which features concert footage, interviews and videos from the loudest and brattiest ladies in punk rock.

Tuesday, Jan 22 at 8pm is Screen Shots, our monthly drinking game night where we screen a movie and get kind of plastered. This month, we’ll be drinking along to Japanese horror-punk epic Wild Zero, which stars garage rock maestros Guitar Wolf and a bunch of zombies. This movie is made to drink along with — seriously, it’s a feature on the DVD.

On Thursday, 8pm, Artist Film Club returns next week with .blacK~SSStaTic_darK~fuZZZ_dOOm~glitCH.  when curator Amelia Ishmael will present an assemblage of lights and sounds which elicit a chaotic vortex of smudgy black charcoal that is streaked with freezing water, painted on celluloid, stained by sea creatures, hexed through new media, and entranced by guitar riffs.

Repo Man, The Muppet Movie and Docks of New York!

Now I’d like to digress from my prepared remarks to discuss how I invented the terlet.