Hurricane Sandy may have postponed us last fall but nothing can stop the return of .blacK~SSStaTic_darK~fuZZZ_dOOm~glitCH. at Nitehawk! Now on Thursday, January 24 from 8-10pm.

As part of Nitehawk’s monthly “Artist Film Club,” (where guest curators and artists present a program of artist moving images and experimental shorts), Amelia Ishmael presents an assemblage of lights and sounds which elicit a chaotic vortex of smudgy black charcoal that is streaked with freezing water, painted on celluloid, stained by sea creatures, hexed through new media, and entranced by guitar riffs. 

Artist include: Aldo Tambellini, Cultus Sabbati, Gast Bouschet and Nadine Hilbert, jonCates, mojo (for Aluk Todolo), Reto Mäder and Daniel Steffen (for Ural Umbo), Alexander Stewart, and Semiconductor.

*no entry fee