“Grumbling should never be well-mannered or under control. It should be full-blooded. It should be rampant.” Daily Mail, January 2012. via the Guardian

Director Michael Winner has passed away at the age of 77. He of the brash British boys of the 1960s (Oliver Reed, Michael Caine, Peter Sellers) who has made some of cinema’s best films set in New York and London (cities that became characters) like I’ll Never Forget What’sisname, Death Wish, The Sentinel, The Jokers, and the Big Sleep

I had the sincere pleasure of listening to him speak about his life in film, the reception of his work in the UK versus the US (basically, Americans seem to appreciate his brashness more), Oliver Reed, and Bronson in Death Wish after a screening of The Jokers at the BFI in 2010 (see video here). Utterly candid about his experiences in cinema – the good, bad, and ugly, the surly men and beautiful women, the booze and the commercial stints – Winner was as charming as they come, complete with a lovely blond by his side.

As a small tribute to Winner, here are some of our favorite clips and movie trailer…