This weekend, we’re showing The Muppet Movie (Tickets), the gang’s first go at movie-making that retells just how they all got together, which all started with an ambitious frog and a bear with a Studebaker.

The Muppet gang can’t help but break into song, it’s practically their favorite thing to do. Get a group of Muppets together and it’s a safe bet that you’ll have a chorus line of chickens on your hands before too long. Over all of the ups and downs of the Muppets on film, Kermit and the gang have put out some great songs–with the help of songwriters like Paul Williams and Bret McKenzie, with their latest movie earning them an Oscar for Best Song.

Below, we’ve put together some of our favorite Muppet tunes to hit the big screen. There aren’t any songs from Muppets in Space because, well, I haven’t seen that one. Hulk Hogan is in Muppets in Space, right? Maybe I have seen it.


“Movin’ Right Along”

Movie: The Muppet Movie

Far and away the best song from the Muppets catalog. You can keep your Rainbow Connection, I’ll take a frog and a bear seeing America any day over that.

“Can You Picture That?”

Movie: The Muppet Movie

If you don’t believe that Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem are the biggest group of absolute badasses to pick up instruments in the 70’s, then you clearly haven’t seen them sing “Can You Picture That?” so hard that it nearly destroys a church.

“Night Life”

Movie: The Great Muppet Caper

More Dr. Teeth, this time on a psychedelic double decker sex bus.

“Somebody’s Getting Married”

Movie: The Muppets Take Manhattan

I was tempted to put “You Can’t Take ‘No’ For An Answer” on this list, but considering that’s yet another Dr. Teeth song, I went with the closing number of The Muppets’ Broadway show: “Somebody’s Getting Married,” which features singing cakes and a penguin working in a tuxedo shop.


Movie: The Muppet Christmas Carol

Picking up the torch after the untimely passing of his father, Brian Henson’s The Muppet Christmas Carol had a lot riding on it to prove that the Muppets could stay relevant in a world after Jim Henson. Musically, the movie is largely a success, and though it does have a couple of weak numbers — especially the hyper-creepy Old Scrooge/Young Belle ballad “When Love is Gone” — the song “Scrooge,” where all of London highlights all of the dickish things Ebeneezer Scrooge does, is just as catchy as any of the songs the Muppets sang with Jim at the helm. (It is a little musical theater-y though)

“Cabin Fever”

Movie: Muppet Treasure Island

Muppet Treasure Island may not be the fondest remembered Muppet film, but it has some of Fozzie’s best gags and is intensely silly. The number “Cabin Fever” is a jumble of mariachi bands, yodeling German goats, and headdresses that go from here to the crow’s nest, resulting in a pretty bitchin’ looking party.

“Professional Pirate”

Movie: Muppet Treasure Island

While definitely not the shining star of the Muppets’ songbook, “Professional Pirate” is Tim Curry’s only number in the film, and it highlights the film’s brilliant collection of bad-guy Muppets, and willingness to off a couple of puppets just for a the laughs.

“Life’s A Happy Song”

Movie: The Muppets

Though “Man or a Muppet” is what earned Bret McKenzie, a former half of Flight of the Concords, an Oscar, “Life’s a Happy Song” set the tone for the rest of the film, re-assuring cagey fans that Jason Segel and company were hellbent on doing the Muppets right.