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This week we’ll be holding on to Django Unchained (TicketsZero Dark Thirty (Tickets) and Silver Linings Playbook (Tickets). February isn’t exactly boom-time for new movies — I mean, it’s either those or Movie 43.

Midnights: We Are The Robots

Midnights this February are all about Robots and their love/hate relationship with humans (they hate us, but love killing us). To start things off, this Friday and Saturday at midnight is The Terminator (Tickets) on 35mm.

Our Brian De Palma series marches on this month as well, this weekend with his 2002 entry Femme Fatale (Tickets), starring Rebecca Romijn as a con-artist who lures Antonio Banderas into her web of lies and femme fatale-y secrets.

Brunch: Djanghog Day

Our 1993 series of brunches kicks off with the ultimate existential comedy playing on the day it takes its name from: Groundhog Day (Tickets). Come see Bill Murray at both his saddest and funniest in Harold Ramis’s modern masterpiece.

Country Brunchin’ is back with Morricone Youth. The spaghetti western loving  group will be playing a set before the original Django (Tickets), Sergio Corbucci’s ultra-violent spaghetti western that introduced the legendary hero who was featured in over 30 unofficial sequels.

Football and Lots and Lots of Murder (oh, and Phil Collins)

For the big game on Sunday, we’ve opened up theater 1 to the majesty of the gridiron. We’ll be screening the game on our big, big screen providing the typical full service throughout the game. Reserve your seat here.

On Thursday, we’ll be premiering our new Film Feast series, where we will invite a chef to prepare a meal matched with specific scenes from some of our favorite movies. We’re kicking things off with American Psycho (Tickets), that tale of New York, excess and murder, murder, murder, which introduced audiences to everyone’s favorite yuppie psychopath, Patrick Bateman. For the meal, we’ve invited chef Francis Derby (of King, Shorty’s .32, Momofuku Ssam Bar, Tailor, wd-40 fame) to put together a six course meal that pays homage to the stuffy nouveau haute cuisine that Bateman and his yuppie piece of shit friends obsessed over.

 Cafe Programming

On Monday, Feb 4. VHS Vault is all about what lies in the heart: sex and John Waters. We’ve got a double feature planned in the cafe where a doll finds love and a drag queen is… kind of a badass. It’s Bride of Chucky followed by John Waters’ Female Trouble. Free, starts at 8.

First Wednesday of the month means it’s Trivia Night again in the cafe. It starts a little late this month, 9pm, but the same advice as usual applies: get there early to get yourself a seat!

Dear Mr. President, there are too many states these days. Please eliminate three. I am NOT a crackpot.