Hatched is getting in the mood for love this week as we countdown to February 14. We’ll be celebrating St. Valentine with a Live Sound Cinema event to Buster Keaton’s The Navigator but, until then, we’re engaging in a little “staff favorites” foreplay with of our favorite loved-up flicks. 


From Joe P…High Fidelity

My favorite movie about love has to be High Fidelity. Its about loving a woman, loving music, loving making lists of top five all-time everythings, and loving a much cooler Jack Black back when he made you laugh on purpose!  Mostly this movie is all about questioning love and looking for reasons why it all went wrong. Soundtrack also kicks ass! 

Lucky for Joe (and you) we’re playing High Fidelity in March. Turns out heart-break is good any ol’ month.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8q5wiMYojo&w=560&h=315]