The Fugitive (1993) | Tickets

Feb. 9 & Feb 10, 11:45am

1. When The Fugitive was nominated for Best Picture in 1994, it was the film that I was rooting for to win. This was largely because I was 9, and not allowed to watch Schindler’s List, In the Name of the Father, The Piano, or The Remains of the Day. In fact, I still don’t know what The Remains of the Day is. *checks wiki page* Yuch, pass.

2. I was crazy excited to see The Fugitive when it came out, and when my mother took me to see it with an elementary school friend (I was 8), I was baffled when he told me that he hated the movie. But he dropped out of high school, so what does he know? Also, according to Facebook, that kid’s birthday is on the same day we’re screening The FugitiveThat’s fucking weird.

3. Last personal anecdote: My uncle would come home from deployment, crash on my grandmother’s couch and watch the 60’s TV “Fugitive” for hours. I recall that show airing quite often in the early 90’s, to the point where it seemed like it was on every day. Lack of programming options for basic cable, I guess.

4. For being fourth billed, Julianne Moore is barely in this movie. She’s billed higher than Joe Pantoliano and he’s in over half the movie.

5. The famous “I didn’t kill my wife/I don’t care” exchange between Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones ranks up there in one of my favorite trade-offs of one-liners. It sums up the entire movie in eight words.

6. Here’s a game: it’s called point at the screen and say “Holy shit, Jane Lynch is in this movie?” as soon as you see Jane Lynch.

7.  I feel like the positive reputation for this movie has faded in the 20 years since its release, which is a damn shame. It may be visually flat, and its conspiracy yarn in the second half isn’t terribly compelling, but it’s one hell of a chase movie rife with tight near-misses and exciting chase sequences. It’s a great “oh shit!” movie, basically.

8. Aside from Tommy Lee Jones and his gang, every single person of authority in this movie is either a blithering idiot or some bureaucratic automaton straight out of a Kafka story.

9. If you ever wanted to see the janitor from “Scrubs” get shot to death, here’s your movie.

10. I haven’t seen the 1998 sequel to The Fugitive, U.S. Marshals, since I saw it in 1998, but I remember it being pretty good. That was a long time ago, but since I don’t want to watch it again to verify that opinion, that ruling stands. You heard it here, folks. U.S. Marshalls: Pretty good.