Hatched is getting in the mood for love this week as we countdown to February 14. We’ll be celebrating St. Valentine with a Live Sound Cinema event to Buster Keaton’s The Navigator but, until then, we’re engaging in a little “staff favorites” foreplay with of our favorite loved-up flicks. 


Tyler…You’ve Got Mail

Movie: You’ve Got Mail

This timeless love story was not a sequel to Sleepless in Seattle as I thought when I was taken to see it by my aunt, a self described “big Meg Ryan fan” (which is code for “unmarried middle-aged woman” I would later learn). The ’98 Nora Ephron classic takes place in a time when using the Internet to find emotional and sexual gratification was a novelty rather than the only possible way. Also, a time when people would capitalize the word Internet. Not so subtly repping AOL, this movie was a progenitor of the product placement genre that would later peak with a GM commercial known as Transformers. But despite that, it still has a slew of charm (1 slew = appox. 5 gigs) thanks to the trustworthy face of Tom Hanks and the fierce up-do of Meg Ryan. Also Dave Chappelle starred in the role of Black Friend or Kevin or something. The drama is thick, the dramatic irony even thicker, and the computer monitors the thickest.