Hatched is getting in the mood for love this week as we countdown to February 14. We’ll be celebrating St. Valentine with a Live Sound Cinema event to Buster Keaton’s The Navigator but, until then, we’re engaging in a little “staff favorites” foreplay with of our favorite loved-up flicks. 


Mason’s pick…City Lights and Rust and Bone

My favorite Romantic Movies would be a very old movie and a very new movie. They share the theme of  Romance That Would Be Judged To Be Highly Unlikely or Impossible.  

Charlie Chaplin in City Lights of 1931 has an ordinary homeless man in a relationship with a beautiful and sightless flower-seller girl. Her blindness makes their relationship possible. She thinks he is a generous and wealthy man. The hobo risks everything to help her regain her sight. Thus  he sews the seeds of the possible destruction of their love. 

Rust and Bones is a brand new French film that features a  a bare knuckle fighter/club bouncer who is pulled into a relationship with a woman played by Marion Cotillard who has lost her legs to a killer whale at a French SeaWorld. As individuals they are broken and incomplete. As a pair they form a symmetry of body & soul.