To better familiarize you with the filmmakers featured in DailyMotion’s February 28th CINEMA SELECTS, here are “five questions”…

Interview number 1

Still1-SmallWorldVideo: Small World
Director: Aaron Kheifets
Dailymotion account: Aaron Kheifets

1. Give a short pitch of your video “Small World” (1-3 short sentences)
It’s a sketch I wrote with some of the other guys from the US National Improv Team. I don’t think there’s much more to it than that, but of you have ideas for how to turn it into a feature, PLEASE PLEASE contact me. I mean, they did it with Battleship and that was just a board game.

2. What was your inspiration for this project?
Positively 4th St. Productions approached us after an improv show about doing something together so obviously we were excited about that. I wrote this up and we shot it with Sarah Burton because she is also hilarious and awesome. Basically we all wanted an excuse to work together, so we made one.

3. What’s your best story from this shoot?
We were all pretty missed that the only day we seemed to all have free was also the day of the Great Googa Mooga festival. We were bummed about missing it, but toughed it out. This shoot probably saved us from murdering the guy who got the last pork bun at 11am.

4. What’s next? Do you have anything in the pipe you’d like to talk about?
I’m working on a couple fo web series: Play Time with Dan and Aaron, which is essentially MST3K for video games and Aaron Kheifets, Just A Humble, Great Man which is the completely based in reality story of how I am the most important figure in human history.

5. What was the last Dailymotion video (that wasn’t yours…) that you enjoyed?
Good Cop Great Cop continues to be some of the best sketch on the internet. Those guys are gold. Their most recent video, Science, was no exception. I love the unaddressed creepiness.

Interview number 2

Director: Nick Nielsen, Robert Bojorquez, Gabe Conroy
Dailymotion account: Electric Shadow Films

1. Give a short pitch of your video “Fake Geek Girls” (1-3 short sentences)
“Fake Geek Girls” is a satire of the education films from the 1940’s and 50’s. It is addressing the recent backlash in the nerd community directed towards woman who identify themselves as “nerds”.  It aims to target and amplify the ridiculousness of the claim that if you are an attractive female you can’t truly like nerdy things.

2. What was your inspiration for this project?
Along with our original content that we create in-house we also collaborate with other creative groups in the Seattle area. This particular video was born out of the experience the members of one of our collaborators, a female-centric comedy team, “Hey! Listen!” made up of Molly McIsaac and Angeline Oliver.   Molly had been involved in the retaliation against the accusations from large amounts of people, both professionals and fans that have been crying “POSER!” at attractive women who are also into things of the geeky persuasion. Obviously this is a ridiculous assumption to make –  someone’s physical appearance does not affect who they are or what they like. Thus, thanks to the writing of Angeline Oliver and the directing of Nick Nielsen, this video was born as retaliation to this discussion.

3. What’s your best story from this shoot?
The actor that was cast for the role of the “Narrator” had to unfortunately drop out right before we were to start filming. Luckily, we were able to find a replacement at the last minute in the form of Kyle Stevens of the Seattle nerd rock band “Kirby Krackle”.

4. What’s next? Do you have anything in the pipe you’d like to talk about?
Currently we are in post-production on an action-adventure short film called “Pete Owens and the Trek of Destiny” It’s essentially Indiana Jones but he’s a college student.  In addition to that, we are also in post production on a project called “Gothingham”, a short film that features Batman and Spider-Man attempting to fight crime in the sleepy town of Bellingham, Washington.

5. What was the last Dailymotion video (that wasn’t yours…) that you enjoyed?
We have really enjoyed the video “Science” from the channel “Good Cop Great Cop”. Their content has been consistently creative and hilarious and we always look forward to new releases from them.

Interview number 3

Still3-LoveHateLoveVideo: Love Hate Love
Director: Daniel Shepard, Danielle Scherr
Dailymotion account: Chicks On A Bench

1. Give a short pitch of your video “Love hate love” (1-3 short sentences)
“Love Hate Love” is an episode from the animated web series, Chicks on a Bench. In this episode, Lindsay and Danielle (voiced by Lindsay Simon and Danielle Scherr), give each other compliment sandwiches with a side of passive-aggressive behavior. It’s like watching an animated podcast on speed.

2. What was your inspiration for this project?
The short answer is The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO. The long answer is I really wanted to get into animation and was looking for something simple and funny that would be easy to produce. Around that time, I’d recently started dating an amazingly funny woman by the name of Danielle Scherr and she just happened to be living with an equally funny woman by the name of Lindsay Simon. So I would listen to them improv and riff with each other night after night and it soon became clear that if I just stuck these two in a sound booth with a mic, gave them some topics, and animated around the hilarity that ensued – something cool might happen. The gamble paid off once we listened to the audio. Then we signed on the very talented Kamron Robinson to do our animation and we were off and running.

3. What’s your best story from this shoot?
We don’t really have a best story, but we do have an odd story. We recorded audio (which is technically our shoot) for four hours and our sound guy (the wonderful Kip Sturm) never laughed. That’s four hours of improv where the girls talked about anything from Cambodian babies to spaghetti hair to meat shoes to Angelina Jolie’s muppet face (the list goes on). Needless to say, I was on the floor half the time and if you listen closely to the audio you can hear my muskrat-like cackle in the background. But Kip didn’t laugh once. He was a stoic grizzly bear in the corner wearing headphones and a face of stone. I guess you could say he was doing his job and didn’t want to screw up a take but you could also say he’s a robot and he’s filled with wires. I’ll let you decide.

4. What’s next? Do you have anything in the pipe you’d like to talk about?
The priority right now is expanding Chicks on a Bench and adding more characters into the story lines. The first five episodes did really well by setting a foundation for the show and we just want to continue that momentum (and hopefully get paid at the same time).

5. What was the last Dailymotion video (that wasn’t yours…) that you enjoyed?
Any episode of Bumbloods, the greatest zombie web series ever, and an honorable mention to Love Letter to Plywood. That video is visual marijuana.