This Friday Nitehawk celebrates MARGARITA DAY with drink specials, Mexican films in the cafe starting, and a LIVE SOUND CINEMA screening of Santa Sangre! Here’s how the day will go down…

Starting at 7pm in our downstairs bar/cafe (FREE!), we’ll be showing Mexican films such as Exterminating Angel and El Mariachi until close. We’ll be featuring a $5 Mexi-can (Tecate and Tequila shot deal) and one-day only menu item of $5 Margaritas on the rocks. 

And while we aren’t offering the margaritas or Mexi-can in the theaters, we encourage Nitehawk visitors to get in the mexi-mood down in the cafe, then move to the theater to watch Santa Sangre, which is on theme with the Mexican themed evening. 

Then we’re screening 1989 Alejandro Jodorowsky thriller Santa Sangre as a midnite LIVE+SOUND+CINEMA with Long Distance Poison. Santa Sangre is a Mexican-set avante-garde thriller whose psychedelic cinematic exploration into the twisted lives of a circus family vividly shows the horrifyingly weird consequences to their violent actions.