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NEW STUFF!!! Oscar Shorts both Live Action (Tickets) and Animated (Tickets) are at Nitehawk this week just in time for the Academy Awards on Sunday. Come in and root for Maggie Simpson (I haven’t seen the other nominated movies yet, but I’ve already made up my mind). Other than that we still have Django Unchained (Tickets) and Silver Linings Playbook (Tickets), which is still selling out.

Cinema Du WTF @ Midnight

To close out our Robots Will Kill series, we have Lady Terminator (Tickets), a trashy 1989 Indonesian copycat where a naked lady screws guys to death and then just shoots evvveeeryone. It’s absolutely bananas, a riveting piece of gutter trash loaded all of your favorite vices – nudity, extreme violence and bizarre accents.

On the other half of the bizarre-o cinema coin is a LOUD + SOUND + CINEMA screening of Santa Sangre (Tickets), a  bit of Alejandro Jodorowsky strangeness from 1989 about God knows what (it’s about a boy who grows up in a Mexican circus, but, you know, with a lot of chickens and sexual imagery). The movie will be scored by Long Distance Poison, the Brooklyn-based ambient/noise group.

Superheroes and Breakfast Food

For Brunch this week, we’re playing the first animated Batman feature film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (Tickets), a great little cult classic from 1993 about The Dark Knight’s run-in with another, deadlier vigilante who forces Batman to dwell on how he donned the cowl. Also the Joker is in it and he’s awesome.

Spoons, Toons and Booze (Tickets) this month gets to the heart of our cartoons, with the best romances from the Saturday Morning canon. Sugar cereals, special cocktails and games all hosted throughout the show. Get tickets quickly, because this event sells.

Like the Super Bowl but Kind of Dorky

The Academy Awards (Tickets) are this Sunday, everyone’s least favorite award show that we’re all absolutely fascinated with, and we’re celebrating with quite the shindig at Nitehawk for Hollywood’s Biggest Night (™). Same deal as that big football game a while back, reserve your seats for $25, which doubles as a food/drink minimum. Inside you’ll be treated with your choice of any of the specials we’ve had for the Nitehawk movies that went on to earn some noms.

I love the Oscars, I don’t care what any of you say.

Café Programming

Friday from 7pm to 12am | Margarita Day

In anticipation of Friday’s Jodorowski Live + Sound + Cinema event and because it’s Margarita Day, we will be doling out $5 Margaritas on the rocks with some of our favorite Mexican films screening in the café. It’ll help get in whatever mood you need to be in to watch Santa Sangre.

Monday at 10pm | Simpsons Club

Simpsons Club cracks into season 2 with episodes 11 – 16, the next 5 Ullman shorts, the rejected Simpsons pilot and more.

Tuesday at 9pm | Slaves of New York with Ben Rosenbaum

Because I don’t know what the hell this is, I’m going to turn this over to Ben Rosenbaum who will be hosting Slaves of New York on Tuesday. Ben.

Hi, I’m Ben. I really love Bernadette Peters. She’s my number one diva – she has always held that coveted spot in my personal gay hall of fame.

So when I read about “Slaves of New York”, the 1989 dramedy starring Peters about artists struggling to get by in NYC’s downtown, I had to see it immediately.

Join me on Tuesday, February 26 in the Nitehawk Cinema cafe bar as we screen this gem of a dud and I rip it to shreds. I’ll also point out funny tidbits, drool along with you every time Bernadette does something cute, and make an effort to place the film within the larger context of NYC’s vibrant downtown arts scene of both the 80’s and today. 

Thanks, Ben.

I for one welcome our new insect overlords