This week marks the last in our early-year holding pattern with the Oscar Shorts (Animated – Tickets; Live Action – Tickets), Django Unchained (Tickets) and Silver Linings Playbook (Tickets). Next week we will be starting Dead Man Down and then the awesome looking Chan-wook Park vampire movie Stoker soon after that


To start off our Chicago-themed series of midnights is the disturbing and amazing Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (Tickets) on 35mm, where Michael Rooker dances to The Sonics and murders people in some… astoundingly difficult to watch murder scenes. It’s great, but… man.

Our other offering for Midnights this week is Bunohan (Tickets), a Malaysian action film about a kickboxer who ducks out on a honor fight-to-the-death and must hide out in his home town away from his half-brother who’s been hired to kill him.


For the lone bright spot in this weekend’s program we have John Hughes’s Adventures in Babysitting (Tickets), your babysitter’s favorite movie if you happened to be of babysitting age between the years 1985 and 1991.

But let’s get back to movies where people get killed. For Country Brunchin’ this month we have Tombstone (Tickets), the “other” Wyatt Earp movie starring the mustaches of Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Sam Elliott and Bill Paxton that is significantly better than the really long one with Kevin Costner. To play us into the movie, we’ve invited outlaw country band The Newton Gang to play some songs and also rob you while firing six-shooters into the air.


On Wednesday, we’re getting together with our friends at Brooklyn Brewery to host an epic 3 hour and some change 8 course beer dinner The Godfather Part II (Tickets) this week. The full menu is on the tickets page, and it will all be timed out and served to correspond with scenes in the movie.


Monday, 8pm | For VHS Vault this month, we’re breaking out our well worn copy of Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee’s Showdown in Little Tokyo, where the duo team up to take down a deadly Yakuza ring in as trashy a way as possible.

Monday, 10pm | After VHS Vault, Simpsons Club starts up, this week starting Season 2 in full force with the very first Treehouse of Horror episode with air-date commercials spliced in. Also more shorts and a couple of music videos.

Thursday, 8pm | Though we usually save it for Wednesdays, this month, Nitehawk Trivia has moved to Thursday at 8pm. No theme this month, just questions and answers and build-a-title. And remember our slogan: Up to five per team, free to play, get there early. (Need to work on that slogan)

…which, if true, means death for us all.