This month at Nitehawk we’re celebrating the Second City in the movies with both our Brunch and Midnight movies all taking place in Chicago. We also have a Godfather Part II Beer Dinner, and several live music events. There’s a lot to go through so scroll! Scroll, damn you!


March 1 & March 2; Midnight | Tickets

Bunohan (Return to Murder) (2011)

When a Muay Thai kick boxer ditches out on an organized fight-to-the-death, he retreats to the boxing club of his youth where he becomes mired in long-held family grudges, murder and regret. This Malaysian film from Dain Said was the country’s entry for Academy Award consideration in 2011, and despite a laundry list of accolades under its belt, it did not manage to make the shortlist.


March 1 & March 2; Midnight | Tickets

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986) presented in 35mm

Seedy, filthy and, at many times, difficult to sit through, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer is a masterstroke in modern horror, one that tries to get into the head of a monster only to find his thoughts and motives impenetrable.


March 2 & March 3; Brunch | Tickets

Country Brunchin’: Tombstone (1993) presented in 35mm

Val Kilmer, Sam Elliott, Kurt Russell and Bill Paxton — maybe the greatest cowboy posse ever put to film. For this showdown at the OK Corral, we’ve invited Brooklyn based outlaw country band The Newton Gang to come out and play us into this violent early 90’s classic.  Hell will surely be coming with them, you hear? Hell’s coming with them.


March 2 & March 3; Brunch | Tickets

Adventures in Babysitting (1987) presented in 35mm

The film that taught a generation to not fuck with the babysitter, Adventures in Babysitting follows 17-year-old Chris (Elizabeth Shue) as she attempts to pick up her friend from a Chicago bus station while wrangling the kids she’s been hired to keep out of trouble. If you didn’t figure, things escalate.

showdown french

March 4; 8pm | Café | Free

VHS Vault: Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991)

Showdown in Little Tokyo is a tacky piece of direct-to-video awesomeness starring Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee as a mismatched pair of Karate Cops who attempt to take down a deadly new gang of Yakuza that’s wreaking havoc in Los Angeles.

Godfather II 4 Gun

March 6; 6:45pm | Tickets

Beer Dinner and a Movie: The Godfather: Part II (1974)

For Beer Dinner and a Movie this month we have what may be the greatest sequel of all time (besides The Empire Strikes Back and Back to the Future Part II) paired with a long series of beers from Brooklyn Brewery and dishes from Nitehawk’s kitchens that match the film. Because the movie is over three-hours long, that means eight courses and pairings, so get your drinking pants on people. There’s also a party afterwards in the cafe.


March 7; 8pm | Café | Free

Nitehawk Trivia Night

For movie trivia this month we’re throwing themes out the window and doing a down and dirty movie trivia from all over the spectrum. Texas Style. I guess. I’ve never actually done movie trivia in Texas. Hell, I’ve never even been to Texas.  Anyway, it’s on Thursday night this month, so be sure to adjust accordingly, otherwise you’ll show up the day before to find a bunch of drunk, full Godfather fans.


March 8 & March 9; Midnight | Tickets

Candyman (1992) presented in 35mm

An urban legend come to life, instant classic Candyman introduced the horror world to Clive Barker’s Candyman (Tony Todd), a hook-handed specter with a tragic past whose vengeance gets unleashed when his name is called in the mirror five times. Scored by Philip Glass and shot in Chicago’s Near North Side, Candyman is a poetic and violent film that dwells on folklore, fear and hatred.


March 8 & March 9; Midnight | Tickets

Live + Sound + Cinema: Heavy Metal (1981)

Equal parts disturbing and magnetic, the rotoscoped classic Heavy Metal is mostly just downright weird. Mixing eroticism with sci-fi/fantasy grotesquery, Heavy Metal is something to behold, and it’s getting the heavy metal treatment itself by Black Lodge. Come see as Canada’s finest adapt the morbid stories from the pages of Heavy Metal magazine and get blasted out of your chairs by Live + Sound + Cinema’s loudest.


March 9 & March 10; Brunch | Tickets

High Fidelity (2000) presented in 35mm

The film that tugs at the heart-strings of know-it-all pop-culture fiends everywhere, High Fidelity follows a neurotic music geek with a snotty record store who’s recent breakup compels him to look back at his past relationships to figure out just what the hell is wrong with him. He also owns a Pavement poster that I want.


March 12; 10pm | Tickets

Cheatin’ with Bill Plympton

Legendary New York cartoonist Bill Plympton will be at Nitehawk to screen his work-in-progress new feature Cheatin’. Plympton will be on hand to introduce the film, take questions about his career and get feedback on what will become his 10th feature film.


March 15 & March 16; Midnight | Tickets

Poltergeist III (1988) presented in 35mm

Widely known for Heather O’Rourke’s tragic death at the age of 12 during production, Poltergeist III takes the ookie-spookie madness from the first two films out of the suburbs and into the big city, as little Carole Anne Freeling attempts to evade the malevolent beyond in the Chicago skyscraper of her Aunt and Uncle.


March 15 & March 16; Midnight | Tickets

The Works: De Palma: Body Double (1984) presented in 35mm

While not widely regarded on its initial release, Body Double gained quite the cult following for its LA locale, New Wave soundtrack and use of porn actresses. Roger Ebert was quite the fan, calling it “an exhilarating exercise in pure film making  a thriller in the Hitchcock tradition in which there’s no particular point except that the hero is flawed, weak, and in terrible danger.”


March 16 & March 17; Brunch | Tickets

Weird Science (1985)

John Hughes’s loose adaptation of the EC Comics’ Weird Science title sees a couple of recently humiliated nerds stick it to the rest of the world by going and making themselves the perfect woman. They scan their stacks of well-thumbed playboys and science text books through their Memotech MTX (64kb of RAM on that thing) and the stunning, super-powered Lisa is the result. The film contains the best movie party of all time.


March 16 & March 17; Brunch | Tickets

Spoons, Toons and Booze

Cartoons, sugar cereal, nostalgia and alcohol.


March 19; 7:30 | Tickets

Film Feast: Amelie (2001)

For March’s Film Feast, we’ve invited Top Chef vet Sara Nguyen (who has also put time in at Sprout Restaurant, Frog n Snail, and Marc Forgione) to craft a 5-course French feast to go along with everyone’s favorite flight of French fancy Amelie. Also, in the cafe before the film, Fluent City will be hosting a free French slang workshop for all levels of French-speakers.


March 21; 8pm | Café | Free

Open Film Night

Open film night in the cafe is kind of like an open mic night, but for your movies. From 8 to 10 on March 21, our cafe will be your venue to screen your work in public with real live people there to give you an anxiety attack. You know, fun!


March 23; Midnight | Tickets

Live + Sound + Cinema: Fascination (1979)

This is our third engagement of Morricone Youth’s amazing live score for Jean Rollin’s naked women and naked vampire-women film Fascination. It’s a must-see for fans of loud music and the naked undead.


March 23 & March 24; Brunch | Tickets

Streets of Fire (1984) presented in 35mm

Water Hill’s (48 Hrs, The Warriors) fantastical musical/action/comedy Streets of Fire has a plot that sounds akin to a 1980’s arcade game. When a popular singer finds herself kidnapped by a gang, her mercenary ex-boyfriend rampages through the streets to save her. Walter Hill said that it was born from an affinity for things he loved as a youth and still as an adult: “custom cars, kissing in the rain, neon, trains in the night, high-speed pursuit, rumbles, rock stars, motorcycles, jokes in tough situations, leather jackets and questions of honor.”

Poster - Chicago (1927)_01

March 23 & March 24; Brunch | Tickets

Live + Sound + Cinema: Chicago (1927) presented in 35mm

The original 1927 version of Chicago wasn’t a musical, but a sordid, ripped-from-the-headlines tale of scandal when Roxie Hart (Phyllis Haver) up and murders her boyfriend and becomes mighty famous in the process. Rarely seen until UCLA Film and Television Archive released a new print, this film was produced by Cecil B. Demill and is a grand example of pre-Code film making. The film will be accompanied by a live score by Guizot.


March 29 & March 30; Midnight | Tickets

Live + Sound + Cinema: Requiem for a Vampire (1971)

Another Live + Sound +Cinema and another from Jean Rollin, the soft-core vampire auteur, this time tackling the relationship between a pair of murderous ladies (who spend their days murdering men and looking good in graveyards) who have a falling out when one of them loses her virginity and the other becomes a vampire. Providing the score for the feature will be Guizot.


March 29 & March 30; Midnight | Tickets

The Works: Brian De Palma: Raising Cain (1992) presented in 35mm

We’re closing out our Brian De Palma series with Raising Cain, the director’s crack at the multiple personality thriller that stars John Lithgow as a child psychologist with some serious Jekyll and Hyde issues. Everything about the good doctor’s life seems rosy until his wife begins to suspect that her husband might be the man behind a series of kidnappings.


March 30 & March 31; Brunch | Tickets

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985)

The kind of bubbly 80’s answer to Footloose, Girls Just Want to Have Fun stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt as a pair of dance-obsessed teens who want nothing more than to appear on their favorite show: Dance TV. It’s one of those movies that people use the word “totally” a lot when they reference it, which is totally understandable.