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We have a new movie! Today we’re starting our engagement with Dead Man Down (Tickets), Niels Arden Oplev’s (OG Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) newest thriller starring Colin Farrell, Noomi Rapace and Terrence Howard. This means we’re ending out long and awesome time with Django Unchained, if you haven’t seen it yet… I’m sure it’s on the internet somewhere. As for the others, we still have Silver Linings Playbook (Tickets) and the Oscar Nominated Shorts (Live Action – Tickets, Animated – Tickets).

Midnight, Midnight, Midnight, Midnight… Midnight

For our midnights this week we have two cult classics gutting one-another for your ticket and beer money. First: a hook-handed Chi-town urban legend comes to life in Candyman (Tickets) starring Virginia Madsen and Tony Todd.

For our other midnight we have the surreal, sexy, violent and disturbing animated cult classic Heavy Metal (Tickets) with a god damned metal band playing during it. It’s a Live + Sound + Cinema event with Black Lodge, who are going to be super loud and awesome accompanying all of the boobs and trolls and blood and… well… more boobs.

Top Five Movies to Watch at Brunch

Our Brunch feature this week is ornery record nerd favorite High Fidelity (Tickets), starring John Cusack as an ornery record nerd.

Plymptoons in Person

We are very happy to have legendary New York animator Bill Plympton to come into to Nitehawk for a special screening of his new work-in-progress Cheatin’ (Tickets). Plympton will be on hand in the theater to introduce what will become his tenth feature film as well as get feedback and take questions.

Café Programming

Monday, 10pm: Simpsons Club is back with a great string of early Simpsons episodes, including moments like Homer eating the poisonous fugu, the story of how Homer and Marge met and Bart’s attempt at jumping Springfield gorge on his skateboard. We’re also going to watch the first batch of Simpsons Butterfinger commercials.

Thursday, 8pm: Gypsy Jazz singer and friend of Nitehawk Mary Alouette just released her new EP, The Lark, and her new video that she’s been working away on. We’re celebrating by playing tracks from the record and the new video down in the café.