Poltergeist III (1988)
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The third installment of the Poltergeist franchise gets our “Ten Things” love. 

1. I feel really sorry for Carol Anne. Gifted, psychic or whatnot, dealing with dead people trying to get you and alive people not believing you must be a real drag.

2. Tom Skerritt is skeevy in this movie. Less so than in Poison Ivy (obviously) but the skeeve remains.

3. I often wonder how no one else in the enormous building that is the John Hancock building noticed all the weird goings-on…or is it just because spirit haunting is family specific?

4. That said, I really love that they moved ghosts out of the suburban domicile and into the urbanity of a giant skyscraper. It shows that no one is safe and how threatening city buildings can actually be. It’s not technology here as before but architecture itself that’s becomes scary.

5. Not going to lie, totally miss Craig T. Nelson and his short shorts.

6. It’s actually very sad to watch Heather O’Rourke play Carol Anne in the third Poltergeist not only because she looks so ill and uncomfortable but because it’s a well known fact that she died during this film’s production. Hence why you see some many repetitive shots of a faceless girl in red pajamas running around.

7. Yes, Lara Flynn Boyle is in this movie. And it reminds me of how pretty she was before the surgery. 

8. I am afraid of being in a faulty elevator, being sucked into a parking garage water hole, and entering other dimensions. Just sayin’.

9. I don’t care what anyone says (see below), Poltergeist III is worth the watch and is due for a re-think. Maybe not cinematic genius but certainly very, very entertaining.

10. Roger and Ebert hated this movie. We should all prove them wrong.