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It’s Spring Break forever at Nitehawk y’all as we hold on to the big booties and bikinis in Spring Breakers (Tickets) in two theaters with Stoker (Tickets) staying down in theater 2 so it can think about sexy murder while it takes a shower (I don’t know how a movie could take a shower, it’ll make sense when you see it).

Requiem for a De Palma

For our Midnights this, we are closing out our long-running Brian De Palma series with his split-personality thriller Raising Cain (Tickets), starring John Lithgow and his CRAZY EYES.

Also this weekend, we have a Live + Sound + Cinema event with Jean Rollin’s Requiem for a Vampire (Tickets), a film about two attractive French girls in clown outfits running from the law and then one of them a vampire there is much nakedness. The film will be accompanied with a live score by Guizot.

Girls Just Want to Have Lunch Brunch

Our Chicago-themed Brunch program ends with a bunch of girls who really just want to dance on the teevee. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Tickets) stars baby-versions of Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt and Shannon Doherty as the titular girls who want nothing more than just a whole bunch of fun.

Cafe Programming

Monday, 10pm | Simpsons Club
For Simpsons Club this week, we close out season 2 and start Season 3 with “Stark Raving Dad,” the episode where Michael Jackson plays a huge, crazy white guy. Two episodes have the original 1991 commercials inserted back in.

Wednesday, 8pm | Nitehawk Trivia

Trivia this week is all things April, which means at least ten jokey questions about drugs and movies about drugs and people who do drugs. There are other categories not about drugs too, including a new video category. Come and claw and scratch at one-another for our prize package. Same story as every month: up to 5 people per team, try to get there early because things can get crowded.