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This week we’re opening the excellent new documentary Room 237 (Tickets), which delves deep into dork territory with a slew of post-modern readings of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, including how it represents Native American genocide or how it’s really about how Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing. We are also holding on to Spring Breakers (Tickets), because not nearly enough people have seen James Franco suck gun barrel dicks yet, and we also still have Park Chan Wook’s spooky and beautifully designed Stoker (Tickets)

Inside Easy Rider at Midnight

Our first midnight movie this weekend is Easy Rider (Tickets), which will be kicking off our long-running Karen Black series. For Friday only, we’ve invited the wonderful Sean Young to introduce the film and talk about her time working with Karen.

Our other midnight is a little nastier. Extreme French horror film Inside (Tickets) will be kicking off our ongoing Nitehawk Nasties series. Inside is about a pregnant woman who becomes trapped in her own home by a shrouded intruder who’s out to steal her unborn baby by any means necessary. It’s nasty and it’s violent, but it’s a remarkably well made movie, and a must-see for horror fans. Also, before the film, another episode of PREPARE TO BE SCARED with Desmond Ghoulie, Nitehawk’s very own horror host.

Brunch Baseball and Cowboys

Country Brunchin’ this month is a staff favorite here at Nitehawk: Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (Tickets), starring James Coburn, Kris Kristofferson and Bob Dylan and directed by Sam Peckinpah. The film follows an aging Pat Garrett (Coburn) who’s forced to hunt down his old friend Billy the Kid (Kristofferson). Before the film, we’re hosting Brooklyn trio Tall Country to serenade y’all while you get ready for the film.

For the sports lovers out there, we’re starting off our Play Ball! series this month with The Bad News Bears (Tickets), starring Walter Mathau as a drunken coach for a rag-tag band of badasses, nerds and fatties led by Tatum O’Neal.

Cafe Programming

April 7, 9pm | Mad Men Season Premiere. Mad Men is back and we’ll be showing every episode down in our café as they air. As extra incentive for the cable-deficient masses of Brooklyn, we’re also offering up some special cocktails.

April 8, 8pm | For VHS Vault this month, we’re playing a new addition to our catalog: Bloodtide, a low rent horror film about treasure-hunter James Earl Jones, who accidentally unleashes a monster on a small town that responds by sacrificing virgins.

April 8, 10pm | Simpsons Club. Some classic episodes this week from The Simpsons, including the debut of Flanders’ Leftorium at the mall, and where Homer saves Springfield from a nuclear meltdown with a whole bunch of dumb luck. Simpsons cocktails are still on the menu as well, so grab a Flanders’ Planter’s Punch and watch as Flanders fails.