bloodtideVHS VAULT presents BLOODTIDE (1982)
MONDAY, APRIL 8 at 8pm

When a slew of new (well old) video-tapes entered Nitehawk’s VHS archive this month we decided that it was time to bring our VHS Vault screenings back to their roots…weird horror films. The kind of films that we deem to be classics in their own special way and ones that we think are best viewed in video format. So, for April we bring you the 1982 James Earl Jones’ starring flick Bloodtide.

Nothing messes up a lovely vacation spot with plenty of sunshine and scantily clad women like a monster and virgin sacrifice. Such is the case in Bloodtide when treasure hunter Frye (James Earl Jones) comes to a Greek island and unwittingly releases said monster and the local villagers are forced to sacrifice virgins! Though virginal qualities may seem scarce in this near-naked flick, there are some to be found and even those who aren’t are ripe for the monster’s taking. Take, for instance, Lydia Cornell’s (Too Close for Comfort) sexed up blond Barbara who disappears into the sea after exercising in short shorts and no top.

But really the story centers around Madeline Grice (Deborah Shelton, Body Double) who is the virgin d’jour. Her brother and new sister-in-law come to Greece not just to visit but to find out what exactly is wrong with her. From the nuns to Frye, no one can quite figure out why she’s acting so weird (like dousing herself in perfume) or why the villagers look upon them with disdain. The truth is, they’re pissed about the released sea monster that they try hard to keep down in the bowels of the sea.

Bloodtide is actually a quite entertaining video classic, one to not be missed on the VHS-loved screen!