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This weekend, we’re opening Danny Boyle’s new hypno-thriller Trance (Tickets) to the roster. Best yet, the man himself, Danny Boyle, the director behind 28 Days Later, Sunshine, Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours, will be at Nitehawk to introduce the film and take your questions – one show only, one show that has already sold out. Sorry guys.

We’re also opening disaster comedy It’s A Disaster (Tickets), about a nice brunch that gets ruined by a big batch of dirty bombs going off downtown. It’s sort of like that Twlight Zone episode where the bad thing happens and then all the people treat each other like shit? You know the one.

We still have Spring Breakers (Tickets) as well, so be sure to catch that or else you simply will not be cool. We’re hanging on to the stellar and nerdy Shining doc Room 237 (Tickets) for some midnight screenings as well.

Spend Midnight Underwater or in a Haunted House

We’re kicking off our series of 420 Midnights with the amazing, trippy, and fascinating documentary Ron and Val Taylor’s Inner Space (Tickets)– where William Shatner guides us through the exploits of husband-and-wife adventure team Ron and Val Taylor, the coolest people on Earth. It’s sort of like Carl Sagan’s Cosmos crossed with The Life Aquatic. The film will be accompanied with a live score from Morricone Youth.

Our Karen Black series continues with Burnt Offerings (Tickets), a psychological haunted house horror starring Black, Oliver Reed, Burgess Meredith and Bette Davis. It is wackadoo 70’s horror at its best, one where even the swimming pool is out to get you.

A Brunch of Their Own

Our Play Ball! Series continues this weekend with A League of Their Own (Tickets), Penny Marshall’s comedy about the dawn of the All American Girls Professional Baseball Association.  So slide into home and show off your huge bruise for the press (That happens in that movie, right?), and check it out.

We’ve gotten together with Noisey, Vice’s music blog, for Music Driven, a series of the best music movies we can dig up. We’re starting off with A Skin Too Few: The Days of Nick Drake (Tickets), which chronicles the brief life of the English folky. Drake’s producer Joe Boyd will be here to introduce the film and take some questions afterwards.

Fishing with John… With John (Again)

John Lurie is back at Nitehawk on Wednesday, April 17 for another taste of his classic mondo fishing show, Fishing with John (Tickets).  Nitehawk’s cinema department will be on hand to lead a discussion with the actor/director/musician – if it’s anything like the last one, it’s a must see.

Café Programming

Sunday, 9pmMad Men! Last week was stone-cold slammed, with over 100 people showing up to watch the return of Don Draper and the rest of the Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Price-Whoever-Else-Is-A-Partner-Now , and we’ll be doing it again on Sunday. Get there early, because seats become scarce quickly.

Monday, 10pm – Same story with Simpsons Club, really – This week, we have the second Treehouse of Horror, which includes original 1991 commercials, Lisa’s Pony, and Flaming Moe’s along with five more Tracy Ullman shorts! Simpsons Club gets pretty tight with seating as well, so be sure to get there a bit early.