First off, Time Out named us one of the best stoner destinations of this here 4/20 weekend. We happen to agree, which is why we serve a lot of tasty junk food. So, before we get to what’s going on this weekend…

Now Playing

We’re holding on to Danny Boyle’s loud, naked-y hypno-thriller Trance (Tickets), Harmony Korine’s loud, naked-y vacation video Spring Breakers (Tickets), and Todd Berger’s not-loud, and not naked-y apocalyptic comedy It’s A Disaster (Tickets).

Coming down the pipe in the future we’ll have Noah Baumbach’s newest Frances-Ha, and, hey did you see that new Hunger Games trailer? We’ll probably get that in… Jesus, November? Why did I even bring that up?

Dancing Naked and on Drugs in Las Vegas

Both our midnights this weekend take place in Las Vegas, the first during the bombed-out drug haze of the early-70’s in Terry Gilliam’s adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Tickets), and the second in the glitzed-out coke binge of the mid-90’s in Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirls (Tickets). One path is druggier, the other path is trashier — either way, you really can’t lose.

B for Brunch

Kicking off our ongoing series of art-focused features, we have Orson Welles’ kind-of documentary F for Fake (Tickets), which concentrates on the kind of lies and trickery that we’ve grown so fond of in art. Before the show, Nitehawk’s Artist Film Club will screen the video work Untitled #142 (Bob Coe from Wasco) by artist Josh Azzarella as well as Emily’s Video by Eva and Franco Mattes that was selected by Nitehawk as part of our partnership with Moving Image Art Fair.

The chalky marshmallow in our 420 crown, Spoons Toons and Booze (Tickets) this month is all about your parents’ desperate attempt to keep you away from drugs. It didn’t work, but it’s still fun to watch.

John Lurie and The Warriors Come Out To Play-Yay

Our second and third Fishing With John with John Lurie shows are this week, the first on Saturday at Midnight (Tickets), where John will screen a number of his short films as well as the Tom Waits episode of Fishing with John. The final show will be on Wednesday at 7pm (Tickets) and will concentrate more on Fishing with John than Lurie’s extended work. All of the shows are sold out, but some tickets may open up, so keep an eye on Nitehawk’s social spots (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr… well, not Tumblr) and we’ll let you know.

Our beer dinner this month is a rad one, a multi-course beer and dinner pairing of The Warriors (Tickets) from Nitehawk and, appropriately, Coney Island Brewery. Come cheer The Warriors on as they make their way from the Bronx back to Coney with every gang in town hot on their heels while you get kind of loaded and full in the process.

Cafe Programming

Earth Day Apocalypses; Monday, 8pm. We’re playing Soylent Green in the cafe for Earth Day. Keep green, eat people. PEOPLE.

Simpsons Club; Monday, 10pm. Episodes for Simpsons Club this week includes the one where Germans buy the nuclear plant, Homer uses Lisa to bet on football (and the Redskins win the Super Bowl! Yeah!) and Bart gets stuck down a well. Also a short look at the relationship between George Bush I and The Simpsons and a retrospective on Simpsons video games.

Open Film Night; Tuesday, 7:30pm. Come in, sign up, have your movie screened to a room full of people. There are a few rules to our Open Film Night, but not too many, we mainly just want to make sure that they’re not too long and on a DVD. Complete rules are on the blog here.

That’s all for this week. Nice Dreams, everyone.