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This weekend we’re opening Derek Cianfrance’s new generation-spanning epic The Place Beyond the Pines (Tickets) starring Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes. We’re also holding on to Trance (Tickets), Spring Breakers (Tickets) and It’s a Disaster (Tickets) throughout the week.

Our Midnights Are Killing Words

Showgirls (Tickets) is back again tonight accompanied by some in-theater entertainment before the show starring the real-life naked folk from Showgirls: The Musical. It was a rowdy crowd last week for the movie, and tonight shouldn’t be too different. We’ve seen a lot of midnight crowds at Nitehawk, and the gang that showed up for Showgirls seemed to have the most fun. Friday night only!

Friday and Saturday at midnight we have Dune (Tickets), David Lynch’s sprawling, weird and barely comprehensible adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Hugo and Nebula award winning novel. It may not be the tightest piece of filmmaking in the world, but it certainly is cool. It has Patrick Stewart riding a gigantic worm into battle, how many other movies can claim anything like that?

The Devil and The Beast at Brunch

To celebrate its 20th anniversary (!!!), we’re screening The Sandlot (Tickets) this Saturday and Sunday for brunch. Join Smalls, Squints, The Jet and the rest as they raise hell in a pool, get chased by a killer guard dog and, when they have time, play some baseball.

Live + Sound + Cinema this month is for F.W. Murnau’s smoky and spooky adaptation of Faust (Tickets) with a live score from Gersh/Reed.

Café Programming

Monday, 10pm; Simpsons Club | Marge has a nervous breakdown, Bart plays a poison-pen Cyrano de Bergerac with his teacher, Part II of the Simpsons video game retrospective and original 1992 commercials! Free in the café. No Homers.

Thursday, 8pm; Nitehawk Trivia: Star Wars Edition | Trivia is heading off to a far, far away galaxy for this month with every category dedicated to George Lucas’s peerless space epic. Questions will mostly concentrate on details within the six films, but there will also be some production and Expanded Universe questions as well. Finally reading all those New Jedi Order books will pay off.