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This week we say goodbye to James Franco’s cornrows and welcome two new movies: Mud (Tickets), Jeff Nichols’ critically lauded Matthew McConaughey film, and The Reluctant Fundamentalist (Tickets). We’re also holding on to The Place Beyond The Pines (Tickets).

Cannibals, meet Jack Nicholson; Jack Nicholson, meet Cannibals

Our Nitehawk Nasty this month is notorious Italian exploitation flick Cannibal Ferox (Tickets), about a group of of people that get tortured and eaten and that’s basically it. The self proclaimed “Most Violent Film Ever Made,” Cannibal Ferox was banned in 31 countries, and we’re presenting it uncut in 35mm.

If eating people isn’t your cup, we are continuing our Karen Black series this week with Five Easy Pieces (Tickets), where Black stars along with Jack Nicholson as a former piano prodigy who spends his days toiling away on an oil rig. Introduction on Friday night by artist Aida Ruilova. Presented in DCP.

Searching for Brunch

Country Brunchin’ this week is John Ford’s legendary and beautiful epic The Searchers (Tickets), starring John Wayne as a former Confederate soldier who goes on a seemingly never-ending hunt for his niece that was kidnapped by a brutal tribe of Comanche Indians. Driven by a mix of obsession and hatred, Ford and Wayne play with the ideals of the western hero, taking this noble ideal and revealing the ugliness that drives him. Tatters & Rags will play a set before the film.

Our Brunch series this month are movies about making movies, and to start off we’re screening Tim Burton’s adoring, and quite funny biopic Ed Wood (Tickets), about the life of the world’s worst director and band of fools that helped make his terrible dreams reach the screen.

Cafe Programming

Monday, 8pm | VHS Vault: It Lives Again

Larry Cohen’s follow-up to his bonkers monster-baby cult hit It’s Alive, It Lives Again adds a few more mutant tots to the equation as they rampage through the country killing parents left and right.

Monday, 10pm | Simpsons Club

For Simpsons Club this week we approach the end of Season 3 with ‘Dog of Death,’ where the family faces the possibility of having to put down Santa’s Little Helper; ‘Colonel Homer,’ where Homer manages a beautiful country starlet and more. Original 1992 commercials will accompany ‘Dog of Death.’

Tuesday, 8pm | Trilogy of Terror

A kind of adjunct entry to our Karen Black series, the horror anthology Trilogy of Terror sets Ms. Black against a sharp toothed voodoo doll that comes to life and becomes quite eager to try out his sharp little stick.