TrilogyOfTerror1_8267TRILOGY OF TERROR
Tuesday, May 7 at 8pm
@ Nitehawk’s downstairs bar. FREE

While Trilogy of Terror didn’t make the final cut for our in-theater screenings for THE WORKS – KAREN BLACK (that honor went to the other Dan Curtis directed movie, Burnt Offerings), we do recognize it’s a crowd favorite. So you asked for it, you got it!

Tonight at 8pm in our downstairs bar, we will be playing the anthology; all three bizarrely scary segments of it. You have victim/controller Karen Black (Julie), split personality Karen Black (Millicent Larimore / Therese Larimore), and the demon-doll fighting Karen Black (Amelia). What isn’t a surprise but certainly a revelation is how wonderful Black is in all her roles, she turns what could have been shlock material and elevates it. And she also provides one of the best ending visuals in movie history. Those teeth, that knife.

Trilogy of Terror originally aired as the ABC Movie of the Week in 1975 (note: Steven Spielberg’s Duel was also an ABC Movie of the Week – those were the days) and it was actually the pilot to a proposed, yet failed, horror anthology television series. Can you imagine?

If you haven’t seen it before, then you’re in for a treat. And if you have seen it before (and we know you have), then you just get to revel in its brilliance.