Serial Mom (1994) | Tickets

Friday, May 8 & Saturday, May 9; Midnight

1. Serial Mom might be the ultimate baby boomer satire, a film that takes an iconic beauty of that generation, Kathleen Turner, and sets her against the frigid, nightmare society that their stuffy parents’ built for them. Beverly Sutphin kills those that break from the perfect suburban mold, people that don’t recycle, don’t wear their seat belts and, worst of all, don’t rewind their video tapes — the kind of people whose rampant hypocrisy and lack of empathy can just make you blood boil.

2. Just about everyone in this movie leads some perverted double life. One lady likes it when her dog licks her toes, there’s the one kid and his affinity for 60’s hooter movies, and let’s not forget the detective and his subscription to “Chicks With Dicks” magazine. My personal favorite is the guy whose past time is writing lewd phrases on bathroom walls. It’s like he can’t help himself.


3. The super violent movie that Matthew Lillard watches with his friends is the Herschell Gordon Lewis classic Blood Feast, a dumb but fun splatter movie about an insane caterer who fixes a massive feast out of various ladies’ body parts. There’s a lot of pig innards in it, and a rather gnarly scene where he rips out a girl’s tongue, it’s all so low budget and poorly made that it ultimately comes off rather harmless.

4. Barry Manilow, the preferred music for psychotic moms everywhere.

5. I grew up in a cultural environment not too dissimilar from the one depicted in Serial Mom, with most everyone preaching about maintaining an upstanding lifestyle before going home to masturbate to something you probably shouldn’t masturbate to. What I’m saying is that Beverly Suthpin reminds me of all of my friend’s mothers — the ones who looked like they were going to kill me when I took one too many slices of pizza or talked to loudly about something stupid. Things I still do today, as a matter of fact.

6. Speaking of hooter movies, here is a clip from the nudie cutie movie that Scotty yanks one off to. It’s called Deadly Weapons and stars the appropriately named Chesty Morgan.

7. Kathleen Turner is pretty great in this movie, flitting back and forth between June Cleaver and Jason Voorhees at any sleight. After killing Scotty in the punk club (where there is a huge concert going on at 3 in the afternoon, some how), the way she playfully plugs her ears to block out the loud music she’s clearly enjoying is just… so damn cute.


8. Turns out it’s Patty Hearst who wears white shoes after Labor Day. That BITCH.


9. It wouldn’t be surprising for someone like Beverly Sutphin to become a cult hero after murdering a bunch of obnoxious suburban shitheads. In the repressed society that Beverly occupies, she’s the only person with the guts to be herself. She’s insane, but at least she owns it.

10. The one thing I enjoy the most about Beverly’s rampage in Serial Mom is just how sloppy it is. This isn’t a seasoned killer secretly leading a double life, this is a woman who suddenly, and without real reason, snaps and starts taking it out on the neighbors. Her murders are sloppy, often public, and committed with unconventional weapons (leg of lamb, anyone?). She leaves witnesses and evidence left and right, and she still gets away with it at the end of the day. It’s the ultimate suburban murder fantasy, a woman with the strength of will to finally stick it to all of these uppity motherfuckers that make life such a hell. After all, who hasn’t gone to a PTA meeting without a glimmer of homicide in their mind?