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This week we’re holding on to The Place Beyond The Pines (Tickets), whose popularity brought it from our third theater back up to the big one, the fantastic Mud (Tickets), and Deceptive Practice (Tickets), the new documentary about magician and actor Ricky Jay.

The Super Thief vs. The Serial Mom

Our midnight movie this week is Serial Mom (Tickets), John Waters’ hilarious murder-fantasy about a June Cleaver-like figure taking her job of raising the perfect family very, very seriously. Features a great performance from kookball Kathleen Turner as well as many murders and silly fetishes.

For Live + Sound + Cinema this month, Morricone Youth will be providing the live score for Mario Bava’s slick, sexy and swinging classic Danger Diabolik (Tickets), an adaptation of a popular Italian comic book about a thief who is kind of like James Bond, if James Bond were way cooler.

Sex, Drugs & Brunch

We have two movies for brunch this week, and the first comes from our monthly Music Driven series that we co-present with Noisey. Hit So Hard (Tickets) uses Hole drummer Patty Schemel and her struggle with addiction as a window into the booming Seattle grunge scene and includes some intimate home videos from Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love as well as input from members of The Go-Go’s, Faith No More, The Bangles and more.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s lively look at the rise and fall of a 70’s porn star and his retinue, Boogie Nights (Tickets) is a powerful and masterfully made drama about the kinds of ego, personal strife and trauma that goes into making movies where people have sex with one-another.

Special Screenings

There are still tickets left to our special Beer Dinner and a Movie of Sam Raimi’s immortal Army of Darkness (Tickets). Tickets land you a seat in the theater along with a three-course meal paired with the movie and 4 different beers from Michigan brewer Founders. Shop Smart, Shop… Nitehawk Cinema. Still need to work on that slogan.

Cafe Programming

Monday, May 13, 10pm; Simpsons Club | At Simpson’s Club this week, Bart’s friend falls in love, Homer is kind of a bad father and we crack into Season 4 with Marge playing a little bit of the ol’ Blanche Dubois.

Monday, May 13, Midnight; Test Pattern Television: Iron Chef | Things don’t stop after Simpsons Club, at midnight, our late night happy hour kicks in and we start rolling out even more late night television. This week we’re screening three episodes of the original Japanese Iron Chef, hopefully episodes where they brutally massacre the ingredients before pop singers and politicians giggle about how delicious it all is.

Tuesday, May 14, Midnight; VHS Vault: Never Pick Up a Stranger | This new addition to the VHS Vault promises plenty of murderin’ in and around 1980’s Time Square.

Thursday, May 16, 8pm; Open Film Night | Like an open mic night but with your movies, here is your chance to screen your shorts and other work right in our cafe bar. Sign up starts at 7pm. DVD or VHS only. Nothing longer than 15 minutes.