We have a lot of weird stuff in the VHS Vault, but the ones that always seem to catch the eyes of passersby are the handful of vintage triple X and soft core tapes that we have on display. We don’t have too many, to be honest, and calling some of these ‘porn’ is a bit of a stretch, but in honor of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights (Tickets), playing this weekend, we decided to take them down and give you guys a closer look at the kind of porn that was being churned out in the days of Dirk Diggler and beyond.

Step into the shed, it’s where Dad keeps his grocery bag full of porn tapes.


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Genuine 80’s smut starring John Holmes and Ginger Lynn.

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I actually can’t find one. Here’s a close-up of this rad picture on the back though:

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This movie is more of a soft core fetish movie than actual porn — I guess it depends on your definition — but it is one of the three movies to star Dorothy Stratten before her jealous idiot of a boyfriend murdered her.

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A dirt cheap, trashy, terribly made erotic Christmas horror movie.

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A saucy send-up of Flash Gordon with naked people swapped out for people with clothes on. I don’t know why you would watch any other version.

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A feature length hardcore film that attempts a story for some reason.

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This is seriously all I could find


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Also not a porn movie, Camille 2000 still has quite a lot of nudity with some pretty neat design work, to be honest. There are people having sex on a glowing cube in it.

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