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New Movie! This week we’re opening The Iceman (Tickets), where Michael Shannon takes on the role of real-life serial killer and hit man┬áRichard Kuklinski. Elsewhere, we’re continuing with The Place Beyond the Pines (Tickets), and, if you’re hankering for more Michael Shannon, Mud (Tickets)

Kicking Ass for the Lord
We’re keeping it in the family this weekend at midnight, with two fantastic movies from two quite different movie masters.

This weekend, our ongoing Karen Black series brings us to Alfred Hitchcock’s last film, Family Plot (Tickets), which casts Black as a one half of a pair of murderous kidnappers. The film also stars Bruce Dern and Barbara Harris as a pair of con-artists on the hunt for the missing heir of a massive fortune.

Also at midnight is Peter Jackson’s screwball splatterfest Dead Alive (Tickets), where the Kiwi director dumps a bucket of blood and viscera over-top the head of a hapless mama’s boy who just wants to step out from behind his mother’s skirt. Just when things start looking up for our hero and he meets the girl of his dreams, a twisted monkey-rat creature from lord knows where shows up and starts turning the town’s populace into a rather nasty breed of zombie. Nothing a lawnmower can’t fix.

Briefly Brunching
It’s banned cartoon month at Spoons, Toons and Booze (Tickets), where the guys break out all the cartoons that the stiffs at the network kept off the air for fear of warping your fragile little minds.

The stunning work of photographer Gregory Crewsdon is both cinematic and haunting, bolstered by complex compositions and an attention to detail that borders on insane. In Brief Encounters (Tickets), we find out just what goes into snapping just one of Crewsdon’s photos, which takes a team of talented artists that rivals the size of a movie shoot.

Manhattan Cocktail Classic at Nitehawk
On Monday, as part of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, Nitehawk is hosting a special screening and party for Spirit Guides: The Return of Craft Bartending in New York (Tickets), a short documentary about the men and women who craft new and exciting ways to get hopped up on the sauce. Speaking of, as part of the event, guests will be treated to an after-party with cocktails from the bartenders in the film as well as some passed food from us.

Because of the above Manhattan Cocktail event in the bar on Monday, there will be no Simpsons Club this week. We’ll be picking Season 4 back up next Monday at our usual time.