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Break out your tap dancing shoes, ukulele and lost twenty-something sense of wonderment because we’re opening up Frances Ha (Tickets), Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig’s ode to being young, care free and kind of obnoxious. We’re also holding on to The Iceman (Tickets), and a handful of screenings for The Place Beyond The Pines (Tickets), if you somehow managed to not see it yet (It’s good! You should come out! That Bon Iver song on the soundtrack kind of sucks, but that’s not really the movie’s fault.)

Icepicks and Chainsaws at Midnight
Leatherface is back and his flashier than ever in Tobe Hooper’s dynamite sequel The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 (Tickets), a deft and surprisingly funny sequel to his gut wrenching original. A must-see for fans of Dennis Hopper, who dresses up like a genuine shit-kicker and wields a pair of chainsaws. We (and that’s me saying we) think it’s better than the original.

Also at midnight this week is our second Nitehawk Naughty Basic Instinct (Tickets), another gem from the greatest director of trashy movies ever: Paul Verhoeven. Watch Sharon Stone screw her way into men’s hearts and wallets only to stab her way out again. Also, a whole lot of attractive people walking around without their clothes on.

Movie-Movie and Silent Sound
Making a movie is hard, making a movie without a lot of money is even harder (doing either is actually pretty hard, but… whatever). Living in Oblivion (Tickets) follows an indie filmmaker (Steve Buscemi) as he takes on the thankless task of putting up with the headache of making a movie that no one will probably ever see.

Our silent Live + Sound + Cinema event this week pairs pre-code classic Pandora’s Box (Tickets) with Mary Alouette, a Brooklyn-based gypsy Jazz singer who, judging by her haircut alone, has an obvious affinity for the film.

Special Screenings
We are thrilled to collaborate with Film Foundation and Vice for a special screening of Robert Altman’s lost classic Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (Tickets) on Tuesday, May 28 as part of our series The Works: Karen Black. Never released on DVD or Bluray, the film recently received a long overdue restoration by the UCLA Television and Film Archive. A portion of the proceeds go towards the Film Foundation and they also get you a free drink at the bar after the movie — so, sweet.

Brock and the boys are back with the fifth season of The Venture Bros. (Tickets), and Adult Swim is celebrating with a special screening of the hour long premiere on Wednesday, May 29 — five days before it drops on TV. The $10 food and drink voucher lands you a seat, although I’m not too sure why I’m telling y’all this considering it basically sold out as soon as it was posted. a couple of weeks ago. Bragging, I guess.

Cafe Programming
After a week hiatus, Simpsons Club is back this Monday at 10pm in the cafe. This week, we continue into Season 4 where Homer gives up going to church, Lisa signs up for the Little Miss Springfielf pageant and one of the best Treehouse of Horror episodes of all.

After Hours Happy Hour
12 AM Happy Hour

Monday: Test Pattern Television Presents: Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast

Wednesday: Wednesday Wrestling Presents: WCW Halloween Havoc 1991, which includes a massive steel cage match that ends with someone getting shoved into an electric chair.