Week of May 31 – June 6, 2013

Now Playing
Tonight we’re opening Sarah Polley’s newest feature Stories We Tell (Tickets), a documentary delving deep into Polley’s own family, a group of story-tellers still reeling from the loss of their mother and who continue to cope with a family secret they don’t seem to fully understand. Also playing is Frances Ha (Tickets), The Iceman (Tickets) and The Place Beyond The Pines (Tickets), which is still holding on with one show per night.

Disasters and Mutilations at Midnight
Our Karen Black series continues with her turn in the cornball 70’s disaster thriller Airport 1975 (Tickets) where Black stars along Charlton Heston as one of the few people aboard a damaged 747 that can land the plane safely. It’s kind of like Airplane! without the gags. On Friday night, Alan Cumming will be at Nitehawk to introduce the film.

Director Douglas Buck’s unflinching short trilogy Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America (Tickets) is our Niehawk Nasty this weekend — less an exploitation movie than a brutal exploration of family trauma, emotional distance and all the other stuff that we pretend never happens at home. Well, no one in my home ever did anything like these people do, but… you get the idea. Douglas Buck will be with us Saturday night to introduce.

O Country Brunchin’ Where Art Thou?
For Country Brunchin’ on Saturday and Sunday we have the Coen Bros.’ beautiful folksy bluegrass comedy O Brother Where Art Thou? (Tickets) screening on 35mm. As usual for these things, we’ve invited a local band — Brooklyn bluegrass band The Birdhive Boys, in this case — for a pre-show serenade.

5 doggies, 8 owners, all of them insane. To launch our June program of Perfect Parodies we have Best in Show (Tickets), Christopher Guests faux-doc on purebred dogs and the fools that own them.

Cafe Programming
Monday, 8pm: VHS Vault: Biohazard. A sleazy, low rent sci-fi monster movie featuring a bad rubber suit and quite a bit of senseless nudity.

Monday, 10pm: Simpsons Club. Cool off on Monday night with Mr. Plow. That name again: Mr. Plow (With original airdate commercials.

Monday, Midnight: Test Pattern Television: The Brak Show. At Midnight, we start our after hours Happy Hour, and to go along with the discount hooch, we have everyone’s favorite…. wait, what is Brak? According to him, he’s a cucumber.

Wednesday, 8pm: Movie Trivia Night. We’re going to try (try!) to be a little sophisticated with Trivia this month, covering European fair and Japanese films that do not feature giant monsters. The usual array of free drinks, bad great prizes will be up for grabs and also the return of Build-A-Title!