“Perhaps there was an age where people dreamed of the possibilities in the outer space.”

This month, Nitehawk ventures deep into the outer space, exploring new worlds inhabited by blue opera singers, hordes of acid-blooded hate creatures and mysterious black monoliths linked to our own evolution. We have a lot of other stuff too (60’s sexploitation, a few more Karen Black movies, fucking Airplane!), and below we’ve cobbled together everything we have to offer you this month. Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for more updates and announcements. Get your ass to Mars.


May 31 & June 1; Midnight | Tickets
Nitehawk Nasties: Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America (2003)
Indie filmmaker Douglas Buck’s brutal anthology about three seemingly normal families who cope with various physical and emotional traumas through a series of ridiculously violent acts on one-another. Harrowing on various levels throughout, these films were originally made over a seven year period and screened as individual shorts to, probably bothered, film festival-goers — but, lucky you, we have all three!

Now, come watch this woman cut her own lips off.

Douglas Buck, who is reportedly a very nice man, will be with us on Saturday night to introduce the film.


May 31 & June 1; Midnight | Tickets
The Works – Karen Black: Airport 1975 (1974)
Longtime friend of Karen Black, Alan Cumming will be with us on Friday night to introduce our screening of the ridiculous disaster movie  Airport 1975. Bound for Las Angeles, Karen Black plays a stewardess on a routine flight that takes a dramatic turn when a small passenger plane smashes into the nose, sucking the pilots right out of the cockpit (What’s with these kind of movies and sucking people out of the plane?).

With no one at the helm (do you say helm on a plane?), a handful of familiar passengers — familiar because we’ve all seen Airplane! — have to figure out how to land the massive jet, and only Charlton Heston and Karen Black can save the day!


June 1 & June 2; Brunch | Tickets
Country Brunchin’: O Brother Where Art Thou? (2000)
For our screening of the Coen Brothers’ beautiful, romantic musical, O Brother Where Art Thou?, we’ve invited Brooklyn bluegrass group The Birdhouse Boys into the theater for a pre-show set of classic-style first generation bluegrass. It is going to be a really pleasant morning early afternoon.


June 1 & June 2; Brunch | Tickets
Perfect Parodies: Best in Show (2000)
To launch our Perfect Parodies brunch series this month, we have Christopher Guest’s troupe and a whole bunch of cute doggies duking it out for the top prize at the Super Bowl of Dog shows. The film follows the dogs’ eight batshit owners: a peanut obsessed bumpkin, a hyper-confident trainer and her clueless financier, a pair of super-queens, an underdog pair of Florida yahoos, and a dysfunctional, screeching couple of yuppies. Pack eight kimonos, we have several types of tea.


June 3; 8pm | Cafe | Free
VHS Vault: Biohazard (Year)
This image and this image sum up everything you need to know about Biohazard.


June 3, June 10; 10pm | Cafe | Free
Simpsons Club
Only two weeks of Simpsons Club in June due to some other scheduled events, but they’re both chock full of some of the best episodes of the series: “Mr. Plow,” “Lisa’s First Word,” and “Marge versus the Monorail!” Come see The Simpsons live with a bunch of people who really love the show, it’s free and it’s a blast.


June 7 & June 8; Midnight | Tickets
Space is the Place: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
Easily one of the most stunning movies of all time, 2001: A Space Odyssey is required viewing on a great big screen really late at night. Come spiral through the stargate past the infinite with us. There’s popcorn.


June 8 & June 9; Brunch | Tickets
Music Driven: Velvet Goldmine (1998)
Noisey and Nitehawk’s ongoing Music Driven series continues with Todd Haynes’ Velvet Goldmine, a hyper-stylized look at the career of fictional glam super star Brian Slade (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), a kind of Ziggy Stardust figure, through his triumphant highs into  his sudden fall into obscurity after he fakes his own death. On Saturday, musician Nathan Larson, who contributed to the soundtrack, will be on hand to introduce the film.


June 8 & June 9; Brunch | Tickets
Perfect Parodies: Spaceballs (1987)
Mel Brooks masterful spoof of Star Wars, blockbuster film making and Merchandising! Merchandising! Merchandising! Follow a slobbish crook and his dog-man partner as they protect a stuck-up princess from a short-stack dark lord with an attitude problem. Just remember, for Godssake, don’t order the special.

The Goonies

June 12; 7:15 | Tickets
Beer Dinner & a Movie: The Goonies (1985)
New York brewery Captain Lawrence takes us deep into the caves of Astoria, Oregon with a series of their signature beers paired along with dishes inspired by some of the best parts of The Goonies. Along with the Capt Lawrence beers, we’ll also be premiering our collaboration beer, Sloth, that was brewed by Nitehawk’s bar staff at the brewery.


June 14 & June 15; Midnight | Tickets
Space is the Place: Aliens (1986)
When James Cameron took the reins of a sequel to Ridley Scott’s chilly and contained Alien, he managed to take the greatest space-bound horror film of all time and morphed it into a gripping, emotional and awesome sci-fi war film.

In Aliens, Cameron takes the first film’s long-suffering heroine, Ellen Ripley, and tosses her into a situation more dire than she could possibly imagine. Faced with the threat of impregnation and death, Ripley takes charge of a troupe of military grunts whose confidence and steely reserve melt away when they come face to face with swarms of creatures designed solely to kill and replicate. Game over.


June 14 & June 15; Midnight | Tickets
The Works – Karen Black: Day of the Locust (1975)
We’re closing out our Karen Black series with The Day of the Locust, a surreal apocalyptic vision set in 1930’s Hollywood, which follows a love triangle between an aspiring screenwriter (William Atherton), a fame-hungry hack of an actress (Black) and a hapless dope named Homer Simpson (Donald Sutherland. And yes, Homer Simpson.). As the likelihood of their success wanes, the three, just a sample of the hordes of locusts set out to conquer Hollywood, head towards a frenzied self destruction and a violent, surprising end.


June 15 & June 16; Brunch | Tickets
Spoons Toons and Booze
This month, the STB crew raises a cereal bowl to the cartoon dads that actually raised all of us, your Fred Flinstones, your Professor Utoniums, your Stu Pickles, and then doles out a bunch of booze to cope with the sudden realization of your lost childhood. It’s bring your dad to cartoons day.

June 17 – 20
Northside Film Festival
Northside is back this year and starting on the 17th, they’re taking over Nitehawk for much of the week with programming that includes Maniac, A Teacher, Symbiopsyschotaxiplasm and more. More details to come later, and no, I am not checking to see if I spelled that last one right.


June 21 & June 22; Midnight | Tickets
Live + Sound + Cinema: Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971)
Killing a stalker is just the start of the trouble for a popular musician whose friends begin meeting grizzly deaths at the hands of a mysterious masked maniac. It being a Dario Argento movie and all, nothing will be as it seems, and it’s a safe bet that there’s going to be some pretty gnarly murders. The film will be accompanied by a new score from composer Daniel Collás performed live in the theater by Yello Magi.


June 21 & June 22; Midnight | Tickets
Space is the Place: The Fifth Element (1997)
Set in the distant future, this space swashbuckler sets New York cabbie Bruce Willis on a mission to save the Earth from destruction after a mysterious woman (Milla Jovovich) falls under his protective care. Launched across space to find a set of ancient stones, the pair teams up with a loudmouth, omnisexual DJ (Chris Tucker) as an ancient evil sends his pet mad man (Gary Oldman) and an arsenal of grotesque alien goons on their heels. With wild design from Jean Paul Galtier and some all-around great performances, The Fifth Element remains a top notch, funny sci-fi adventure.


June 22 & June 23; Brunch | Tickets
Art Seen: The Cool School (2008)
Amidst the city’s sprawling landscape, vast highways, warm weather, and cheap rents, the artists that make Los Angeles their home are like no other artists in the world. 2008’s The Cool School documents the birth of modern art in LA with the beginning of the eponymous Ferus Gallery in the late 1950s, showing the renegade artists and curators who built that scene from almost nothing. On Saturday, Rebecca Taylor from PS1 will be in the theater to introduce the film.


June 22 & June 23; Brunch | Tickets
Perfect Parodies: Young Frankenstein (1976)
Another entry from Mel Brooks this month, with the director’s fantastic send-up of cheap-o Universal Horror classics, where most of the horror came from their actors iconic over-acting. Loaded with legendary comic actors working at the top of their game, Young Frankenstein will forever remain essential viewing for your Good Human Being card. There are so many good quotes in this movie I don’t even know how to go about picking one to end with. Here, just read all of them.


June 25; 9:30pm | Tickets
Vice & The Film Foundation Present:A Woman Under the Influence (1972)
When a young wife and mother begins slowly showing signs of mental degradation, her husband (Peter Falk) must face the reality that his wife may require institutionalization when her increasingly erratic behavior endangers both herself and the lives of her children. This fantastically painful romance, directed and loosely written by John Cassevetes, is mostly improvised with a a pair of great performances from Gena Rowland and Peter Falk.

A portion of each ticket sale goes towards The Film Foundation. Tickets also include complimentary drinks at an after-party in Nitehawk’s downstairs bar.


June 28 & June 29; Midnight | Tickets
Nitehawk Naughties: Bad Girls Go To Hell (1965)
Our Nitehawk Naughty this month is the ultimate in saucy sixties sexploitation, Doris Wishman’s empowering feminist flick Bad Girls Go To Hell about a woman’s attempt to escape her post only to get tied up in increasingly sexy situations.


June 28 & June 29; Midnight | Tickets
Space is the Place: Total Recall (1990)
The next step in Nitehawk’s apparent quest to show at least one Paul Verhoeven movie a month, we’ve finally come to Total Recall, Verhoeven’s wackadoo sci-fi team-up with musclebound Hollywood super-hero Arnold Scwarzenegger. Come shout things with us, this one is going to be fun.


June 29 & June 30; Brunch | Tickets
Live + Sound + Cinema: The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928)
Part of our Vamps & Virgins silent film series, Carl Theodor Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc contains one of the most widely praised performances in film history, Renée Jeanne Falconetti powerful portrayal of Joan of Arc in the days leading up to her execution. The film will be accompanied by a live score from moody duo Guizot.


June 29 & June 30; Brunch | Tickets
Perfect Parodies: Airplane! (1980)
To close out or month perfect parodies, we’ve come to the masters of slap-stick, Jim Abrahams, Jeff Zucker and Marty Zucker, and their genre-defining spoof off cornball 70’s  disaster movies: Airplane! Loaded with the absolute goofiest jokes ever told all delivered with a stone-cold deadpan by many of the great character actors of the era, many of which starred in movies just like the ones they’re making fun of just a couple years before.