Velvet Goldmine (1998)
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For Velvet Goldmine, director Todd Haynes took chunks of the biographies of David Bowie, Lou Reed, Marc Bolan and the like to create Brian Slade, the ultimate glam-rock superstar. The film’s soundtrack is loaded with a mix of classic glam or glam-ish recordings from T-Rex, Lou Reed, and The Stooges (No Bowie though; Bowie wasn’t too keen on the film’s script, apparently) as well as a healthy dose of contemporary artists playing around in their icons’ glittered out playground –members of Radiohead, Suede, Teenage Fanclub, Pulp all contribute to the soundtrack.

Below we’ve put together a similar collection of songs, some straight from the soundtrack, and some that very well could be on there as well, including tracks from Placebo, Sweet, Brian Eno, Roxy Music, New York Dolls and more.

It’s on Spotify, so you’ll need an account to listen, but a free one will cut it as long as you can stomach the odd commercial.

You best believe I’m in luv, l-u-v.