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Tonight we’re opening The East (Tickets), the newest from Sound of My Voice director Zal Batmanglij about an undercover FBI agent who infiltrates an anarchist terror group and begins to realize that they’re kind of right about everything. Elsewhere in the theater Frances Ha (Tickets) continues to be unemployed, Sarah Polly continues to figure out who her real dad is in Stories We Tell (Tickets) and Michael Shannon just can’t stop killing people in The Iceman (Tickets).

Did you know Michael Shannon was in Bad Boys 2? I found that out yesterday when I watched Bad Boys 2. Did you also know that that movie is two-and-a-half goddamn hours long?

My God, It’s Full of Stars
Stanley Kubrick’s stunning, transcendent masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey (Tickets) takes us to outer space and beyond this Friday and Saturday at midnight to start off our series of late night space movies this month.

Spaceballs the Brunch Menu
Mel Brooks perfect send up of big budget science fiction and selling out, Spaceballs (Tickets), continues our series of Perfect Parodies. Come enjoy Spaceballs the breakfast tacos, Spaceballs the bloody mary, and, of course, Spaceballs the Queso.

For our collaborative series with Noisey, Music Driven, we have Todd Haynes’ Velvet Goldmine (Tickets), which takes the Citizen Kane approach in looking back on the career of a fictional glam super star whose star shined too bright and then… you can probably figure out the rest. On Saturday, the film will be introduced by Nathan Larson (from the bands Shudder to Think and Swiz) who contributed to the soundtrack.

Beer Dinner and a Goonie
New York brewer Captain Lawrence will be at Nitehawk to host this month’s Beer Dinner and a Movie, which we’re pairing with Richard Donner’s The Goonies (Tickets). We have several dishes and Capt. Lawrence beers lined up that correspond with the movie as well as a new collaboration beer made by Nitehawk and Captain Lawrence called the Sloth, which is kind of like Rocky Road except you can get hammered off of it. It’ll be on tap until we run out of it! It’s good enough for me.

Cafe Programming
Monday, 10pm: Simpsons Club – Monorail! Monorail! Monoraaaaaail! We’re screening one of the hallmark episodes of the series this week at Simpsons Club, Marge vs. the Monorail. Written by Conan O’Brien, the episode is where the show begins taking a turn towards the absurd and begins to become much more Homer-centric. Three episodes on Monday will also have original commercials inserted into them.

Nitehawk After Hours
$4 Draft and Well, Monday – Thursday, Midnight – 2am

Monday, Midnight: Test Patter Television: Get a Life – Following The Simpsons on Monday, we have another Fox sitcom from the era, the bizarre and hilarious Get A Life, starring Chris Elliott as a thirty-something loser who still lives with his parents, works a paper route and does weird shit like build a submarine in his bathtub. The show was created by David Mirkin, who, after Get a Life was canned, went on to run the fifth and sixth seasons of The Simpsons.

Wednesday, Midnight: Wednesday Wrestling: Summerslam ’98 – Our first screening of an Attitude Era WWF Pay Per View pits Stone Cold Steve Austin against The Undertaker. Also a ladder match between HHH and The Rock and all kinds of the other silly hardcore stuff that the WWF was trying out around then. Just don’t get any beer on the floor.