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Catch up on the great romance of a generation with Richard Linklater’s Before Midnight (Tickets), which opens on our big screen tonight. We’re also holding on to the freegan conspiracy thriller The East (Tickets), and Frances Ha (Tickets) will be sleeping on our couch in theater 3. She had better start paying rent soon. On an unrelated note, I keep calling Before Midnight “After Midnight,” which I think would be a much different film.

Northside Film Festival at Nitehawk
We’re happy to welcome Northside Film back to Nitehawk for several screenings and Q&A’s from June 17 – 20. It’s a lot of information to cram into this space, which is why we crammed it all into this space (June 17 & 18) and this space (June 19 & 20). A lot of great screenings lined up in there including the new version of Maniac (Tickets), with Elijah Wood coming in to answer questions; a 35mm screening of the late 60’s wackadoo docu-drama Symbiopsychotaxiplasm (Tickets) and more.

Aliens and (Human) Locusts Swarm at Midnight
James Cameron’s masterful sci-fi war film Aliens (Tickets) makes its Nitehawk debut on Friday and Saturday night at midnight. Come see the stunning Sigourney Weaver take some xenomorphs to task for being such horrible, mindless killing machines.

We’re sending off our Karen Black retrospective with one of Karen’s oddest projects: John Schlesinger’s weird adaption of Nathanael West’s The Day of the Locust (Tickets).

Spoons, Toons and Booze
It’s Spoons, Toons and Booze (Tickets) time again this month, with the STB guys dedicating their mess of cartoons to the best cartoon dads. Bring the old man along and it will be just like that time you were 8 and you broke into your parents’ liquor cabinet before they woke up, but then you got caught by your dad, but then he didn’t care, so the two of you ended up watching cartoons together and got hammered on peach brandy? No? Nobody?

Cafe Programming
Northside will be all over Nitehawk this week, so all of our cafe programs are taking the week off. No Simpsons Club this week, no Wednesday Wrestling and none of our other late night programming either.

Simpsons Club will be back in July with more Season 4 episodes.