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This week we’re opening Sophia Coppola’s newest, The Bling Ring (Tickets), about a bunch of fame-obsessed youngins who rob vapid celebrities of all of their dumb crap. We’re also holding on to Before Midnight (Tickets), which isn’t as great of a date movie as it seems, to be honest (there’s a lot of arguing!), as well as Frances Ha (Tickets) and The East (Tickets), who are sharing fregan bagels together in Theater 3.

Murder, Music and Space at Midnight
We have three (!) midnight movies this weekend. The first is June’s Live + Sound + Cinema event with Yello Magi performing a Goblin influenced score to Dario Argento’s Four Flies on Grey Velvet (Tickets).

Also in the giallo wheelhouse is a new film from Peter Strickland, Berberian Sound Studio (Tickets), about an English sound-designer who finds some troubling business going down during the production of a Argento-like giallo film. The movie also has a Goblin-influenced soundtrack. Why all the Goblin, you might be asking. It’s because Goblin is awesome.

We continue our awesome Space is the Place program with The Fifth Element (Tickets), which needs no introduction. Friday is already sold out, but there are still tickets available for Saturday. Grab’m up!

It’s Pronounced Fronk-en-steen
Our perfect parody this week is Mel Brooks’ amazing, endlessly quotable masterpiece Young Frankenstein (Tickets). Come enjoy his enormous schwanzstucker. It makes him very popular.

Our Art Seen feature this month is the documentary The Cool School (Tickets), about the birth of the LA art scene in the late 1950’s and the men whose work defined it.

Vice and The Film Foundation Present Cassavetes
This month’s Film Foundation screening presented by Vice is John Cassavetes powerful drama A Woman Under The Influence (Tickets), which stars Peter Falk as a husband who must try to carry his family as his wife’s (Gena Rowlands) sanity suddenly begins to unravel. We’re screening this on a print provided by the Film Foundation, which looks like it’s never even been played before. Come see a movie on film, it’s the best.

Cafe Programming
No Simpsons Club this week. We will be back on July 1st with four really great Season 4 episodes (I Love Lisa! Duffless!).