jawsIt is hot as shit out right now, and you know what? It’s only going to get hotter, because that’s how summer works. Everyone talks about how great summer is until it gets too hot out, and then comes the complaining. We love summer here at Nitehawk, that’s mainly because we spend most of our time indoors locked in windowless movie caves.

To avoid having to go outside — out with the smell of sun-baked garbage and hot exhaust — we’ve booked some great movies this July: we’re introducing our new Bill Murray series starting with goddamn Ghostbusters; we have a bunch of fantasy nightmare fuel; and we have a lot of free stuff going on in the cafe every week.

So, come inside, too much sun can give you cancer.


Every Monday; 10pm | Cafe | Free
Simpsons Club
After taking a couple of weeks off in June, Simpsons Club will be back every week in July with a fantastic string of episodes from Seasons 4 & 5, including several series bests: I Love Lisa, Homer’s Barbershop Quartet, Homer Goes to College and more. For the full schedule, check out the Simpsons Club page.


July 2; 9:30pm | Tickets
The Keep (1983)
In conjunction with Cinefamily and The Alamo Drafthouse, we’re screening the British Film Institute’s 35mm copy of Michael Mann’s horror film The Keep. Mixing in supernatural and Gothic elements in with a World War II backdrop, The Keep follows a group of Nazis who accidentally rouse a demon while they take refuge in a Romanian citadel. The film also features a great score from Tangerine Dream.


July 3; 8pm | Cafe | Free
Movie Trivia Night
Nitehawk Trivia is back this month with rounds of questions centered around hot days, long nights and all of the seedy stuff that typically goes on when the thermometer lingers around the top for too long. Posters, tickets, gift cards and drinks will all be up for grabs in this movie-nerd show-down.


July 3, July 17, July 24; Midnight | Cafe | Free
Wednesday Wrestling
To go along with our late night Happy Hour, we’re dedicating Wednesdays at midnight to body slams, big muscles and a bunch of huge, rad dudes in tights.

This month we have three pay-per-views lined up: Bash at the Beach ’94 – where Hulk Hogan made his WCW debut, Royal Rumble ’92 – where Ric Flair made his WWF debut, and Wrestlemania 3 where Hogan faced down (ha ha) Andre the Giant. Full schedule is on the After Hours page.


July 4; Noon | Tickets
Jaws (1975)
For our special July 4th brunch, we’re thrilled to be screening Steven Spielberg’s game-changing blockbuster Jaws. Join us as we scarf down eggs Benedict while we watch a small child get eaten by a gigantic shark. We’re going to have a panic on our hands on the Fourth of July.


July 5 & July 6; Midnight | Tickets
Live + Sound + Cinema: Metropolis (2001)
For our first fully-fledged anime screening at Nitehawk we’ve invited Brooklyn group Party Supplies to perform a drum machine-heavy live score to a 35mm print of the stunning Metropolis.

Based on both Osamu Tezuka 1940’s manga, as well as the world built by Fritz Lang in his 1927 film, Metropolis was created by a kind of anime super-group: the director, Rintaro (Galaxy Express 999); the screenwriter, Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira); and the animation house Madhouse (Perfect Blue, Ninja Scroll).


July 5 & July 6; Midnight | Tickets
A Band Called Death (2013)
Before there was punk, there was a band called Death. This documentary outlines the history of the all-black Detroit proto-punk band, and how their push into loud-ass, politically fueled rock never landed them much success at the time, but remains incredibly important to the development of Punk.


July 5 & July 6; Midnight | Tickets
Nitehawk Naughties: Hardbodies (1984)
This Nitehawk Naughty is a classic piece of 80’s, uh, how to put this politely… fantasy fuel? About a group of over-the-hill men who hire a group of playboy teens to teach them the ropes on picking up bikini-clad hotties at the beach. It’s goofy and probably a little offensive, but man, get a gander of those hard bodies.


July 6 & July 7; Brunch | Tickets
Fantasy Fables: Ghostbusters (1984)
The one and only.

long riders

July 6 & July 7; Brunch | Tickets
Country Brunchin’: The Long Riders (1980)
Walter Hill’s violent and pulpy Western about the Jesse James gang as they embark on a historic string of bank heists leading up to one of the most remarkable shoot-outs in cinema history.

Sympathetic to its outlaws, Hill cast four sets of actual brothers to play his old west gangsters: James and Stacey Keach; David, Keith and Robert Carradine; Dennis and Randy Quaid; and Christopher and Nicholas Guest.

As this is Country Brunchin’, The Newton Gang will be on hand for a live pre-show serenade.


July 10; 7:00pm | Tickets
Film Feast: Memento (2000)
For our Film Feast this month, we’ve invited Carla Hall (co-host of The Chew on ABC, Top Chef contestant) to prepare a meal based on Christopher Nolan’s backwards noir of tattoos, revenge and bad memory, Memento. For tickets and a preview of the menu, check out the film page.

zombieland 2

July 12 & July 13; Midnight | Tickets
The Works – Bill Murray: Zombieland (2009)
We’re kicking off our short, but sweet Barely Murray series (movies that feature Bill Murray in memorable supporting roles) with Zombieland, probably the best thing to come out of this zombie revival we’re somehow still in the middle of, where Bill pops up unexpectedly in what may be the best cameo ever. Bill Fuckin’ Murray!


July 12 & July 13; Midnight | Tickets
Gangs and Gangsters: The Warriors (1979)
Definitely the movie we’ve screened the most at this point, but The Warriors really never does get old, and this time we’ve secured a 35mm print of Walter Hill’s theatrical cut (no animated cut scenes!) for a pair of midnight screenings. Can you dig it?


July 13 & July 14; Brunch | Tickets
Fantasy Fables: Beetlejuice (1988)
Michael Keaton’s star-making role (WHATEVER, BATMAN) as the ghost with the most hits Nitehawk this month with two brunch screenings. Come marvel at handsome Alex Baldwin and dreamy Gena Davis as they explore our favorite vision of the afterlife in this haunted-house comedy.


July 13 & July 14; Brunch | Tickets
Music Driven: American Hardcore (2006)
Featuring a wealth of footage from shows between 1980 and 1986, American Hardcore documents the rise of the Hardcore scene and features interviews from Black Flag, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Circle Jerks, The Misfits and more.


Opening July 19
Only God Forgives (2013)


July 19 & July 20; Midnight | Tickets
Gangs & Gangsters: Goodfellas (1990)
Martin Scorsese’s mobster masterpiece, Goodfellas, is the crown jewel in our Gangs & Gangsters program. Detailing the rise and fall of a neighborhood kid whose dreams of becoming a gangster come to life, along with all of the perks (money, women, power) and downsides (drugs, murder, prosecution) that come with the position.


July 19 & July 20; Midnight | Tickets
Nitehawk Nasties: Night of the Living Dead (1968)
Often imitated, occasionally duplicated, but never replicated (… what did I just type?) George Romero’s OG zombie masterpiece is this month’s Nitehawk Nasty.


July 20 & July 21; Brunch | Tickets
Art Seen: Beauty is Embarrassing (2012)
If you’ve seen Pee Wee’s Playhouse or Smashing Pumpkins’ video “Tonight, Tonight,” or have walked into an art gallery in the past decade, then chances are you’re familiar with Wayne White.

Filmed over a period of two years, the Beauty is Embarrassing documentary takes us into the White’s world: from early success to total overload to his relationship with his family to growing up in the south.


July 20 & July 21; Brunch | Tickets
Spoons, Toons and Booze
More cereal, more booze and more cartoons. Two hours of your childhood favorites with full brunch service, ridiculous cocktails and all of the sugar cereal you can handle.


July 26 & July 27; Midnight | Tickets
Gangs & Gangsters: 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s (1979)
If The Warriors is a cartoon look at gang-life in New York, 80 Blocks from Tiffany’s is the real deal. This 1979 documentary from Gary Weis follows two South Bronx gangs, the Savage Skulls and the Savage Nomads, and the social and economic forces that contribute to their ongoing life of crime and violence.

Weis will be on hand to introduce the film and answer questions as well.


July 26 & July 27; Midnight | Tickets
Spoons, Toons and Booze: After Dark
Basically Spoons, Toons  and Booze’s pot-head older brother. There’s still cereal, the same hosts and same “choose your own adventure” style of programming, except with more late night cartoons: Space Ghost, Aqua Teen, Beavis and Butthead. The good stuff.


July 27 & July 28; Brunch | Tickets
Fantasy Fables: Return to Oz (1985)
Both mystifying and terrifying, Return to Oz is an exceptional piece of fantasy cinema, one that tells a fairy-tale story with both a sense of menace and wonder. Total nightmare fuel, basically. Beware the Wheelers.

broken blossoms

July 27 & July 28 | Tickets
Vamps & Virgins: Broken Blossoms (1919)
D.W. Griffith’s rather shocking tale of child abuse packs such a raw emotional punch that the director himself reportedly had trouble watching it for editing. Lillian Gish stars as a young girl who endures the brutal rages of her boxer father. Left for dead one evening, the girl finds refuge in the admiration of a kind Chinese immigrant, but it’s not long before her father begins looking for his lost, broken blossom.

Reed and Gersh will be providing a live score to the film.


July 30; 9:30pm | Tickets
VICE Presents: The Film Foundation Screening Series: La Dolce Vita (1960)
For the third installment of Vice and Film Foundations collaborative screenings, we have La Dolce Vita, Federico Fellini’s landmark piece of filmmaking that kicked off the director’s love affair with spectacle, dreamy images and just, super beautiful people.