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This week we’re opening Neil Jordoan’s new vampire thriller Byzantium (Tickets) in theater 3, and holding strong with the blingy Bling Ring (Tickets), the talky Before Midnight (Tickets) and the, apparently immortal, Frances Ha (Tickets), which is moving back down to theater 2 even though she hasn’t had a job in weeks.

Punk, Nudity, and Robot Girls at Midnight
Three midnight movies this week. The first is our Live + Sound + Cinema presentation of Rintaro’s Metropolis (Tickets) about a boy in the distant future who befriends a robot girl with a mysterious purpose. The film will be scored in the theater by Party Supplies.

Our Nitehawk Naughty this month is juvenile, goofy and loaded with naked 80’s chicks, it’s Hardbodies (Tickets), about three divorced men who hire out local playboys to teach them the ropes in picking up bikini babes.

Music Driven moves to late night this month with the new documentary A Band Called Death (Tickets), about the pioneering all-black proto-punk band from Michigan called Death. Director Mark Covino will be on hand to introduce the film and take questions. Seating starts at 11:30 for this one, so get there early.

Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of brunch?
Ghostbusters! (Tickets) God damn Ghostbusters! Come see Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston duke it out with a Sumerian demi-god on Central Park West on the big screen.

Country Brunchin’ this month is all bank robberies and shootouts, Walter Hill’s The Long Riders (Tickets) follows Frank and Jesse James on their legendary run of bank heists that culminates in one of the bloodiest movie shootouts of all time. The Newton Gang will be on hand for a live pre-show serenade to get you in the spirit.

You see, I have this condition
For our Film Feast this month, we’ve invited Top Chef contestant and The Chew co-host Carla Hall to put together a multi-course fancy feast to Christopher Nolan’s backwards, memory-troubled neo-noir Memento (Tickets). For a look at the menu, check out the film page.

Cafe Programs
Monday, 10pm: Simpsons Club. This week, snakes have taken over Springfield and it’s up to the town to whack’em back to Hell, at least if they can get meddling little Lisa Simpsons to keep her nose out of it. Original 1993 ads abound this week as well.

Tuesday, 9pm: Music Video Night. This Tuesday at 9pm, we’re going all MTV in the cafe with a collection of our favorite hip hop music videos from the 80’s all the way up until today. Most of them have a lot of stern looking men standing around barrel fires wearing big puffy coats.