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This week we’re holding on to The Bling Ring (Tickets), Frances Ha (Tickets), Byzantium (Tickets), and Before Midnight (Tickets). Coming up next week, though, is Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest in his “Ryan Gosling Beats the Hell Out of People” series Only God Forgives.

Street Gangs, Zombies and a Band Called Death at Midnight

A trio of badass midnights this weekend. First,  The Warriors (Tickets) on 35mm — no silly cartoon transitions on this print! Downstairs we have the best zombie film of the last decade, Zombieland (Tickets); and for a special second run, the new documentary on Detroit proto-punk band Death: A Band Called Death (Tickets)

Loud Ass Bands and Party-Town Ghosts Served with a side of Eggs

Our Music Driven collaboration with Noisey continues with American Hardcore (Tickets), a 2007 documentary on the explosion of the Hardcore scene in the early 80’s. Q&A with filmmaker Paul Rachman on Saturday with writer Steven Blush on Saturday!

The first film to really define Tim Burton’s spooky-ookie style, and one of his best movies, Beetlejuice (Tickets) is screening on 35mm.

Cafe Programming

Monday, 10pm | Simpsons Club – Four of the best episodes of the series this week: Homer’s Barbershop Quartet, Cape Feare, Homer Goes to College and Rosebud.

Monday, Midnight | Test Pattern Television – After The Simpsons, our late night Happy Hour kicks in as we screen four episodes of Simpsons soul brother: The Critic.