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Tonight we open the new wildly acclaimed drama, Fruitvale Station (Tickets), starring The Wire and Friday Night Lights stand-out Michael B. Jordan as Oscar Grant, the bay-area resident whose traumatic public death became divisive headline news. We’re also holding on to the moody and beautiful Only God Forgives (Tickets), Girl Most Likely¬†(Tickets) takes its weird metal shell thing and moves into Theater 3, and The Bling Ring (Tickets) sticks around for one more raid with a couple of midnight screenings.

Gangbangers and Cereal Fiends

We’re rounding out or Gangs & Gangsters program with Gary Weis’s 1979 documentary¬†80 Blocks From Tiffany’s¬†(Tickets), a kind of real-life version of The Warriors, about a pair of warring Bronx street gangs locked in a never-ending fight with New York’s finest.

Upstairs, Spoons, Toons and Booze (Tickets) gets the late-night treatment, as your favorite Saturday-morning booze and cereal team shows off some of their favorite late-night cartoons: Sealab 2021, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Beavis and Butthead and more. Just because it’s late doesn’t mean you can’t have cereal.

Headless Witches and Broken Blossoms

Our Live + Sound + Cinema feature this month is Broken Blossoms (Tickets), a D.W. Griffith silent film starring Lillian Gish as a fragile, down-and-out girl with an abusive father and the immigrant lover who wants nothing more to save her.

Our final Fantasy Fable for the month is Walter Murch’s beautifully creepy Oz sequel, Return to Oz (Tickets). Fairuza Balk slips on the ruby slippers in this fable, who has wound up in a mental institution after her first trip to Oz. As doctors attempt to shock the memories of the Emerald City out of her head, Dorothy slips back into Oz, which has been left in ruin at the hands of the Gnome King.

Special Screenings

Vice and The Film Foundation return this Tuesday with a special presentation f Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita (Tickets) on the Foundation’s pristine 35mm print. The film will be introduced by Vice’s Eddy Moretti with a special recorded introduction from Martin Scorsese. Free drinks in the cafe before the movie too. Can’t beat that.

Cafe Programs

Monday, 10pm; Simpsons Club – More Season 5 episodes this week at Simpsons Club, with Marge getting hooked on gambling, Homer falling for a beautiful new co-worker and Bart makes it big on the Krusty the Clown show.

Monday, Midnight; Test Pattern Television – This week for Test Pattern TV we’ll be screening 3 episodes of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’s bizzaro sketch classic Mr. Show.

Thursday, 8pm; Movie Trivia Night – Our monthly movie-trivia night falls on a Thursday this month, concentrating on history’s big August stinkers. Come out for prizes, all kinds of free drinks and a couple of rounds of build-a-title.