Week of 8/2/2013


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This week we’re opening Almodovar’s newest, I’m So Excited (Tickets), about a plane full of camped up Spaniards who face certain death by dancing around and just generally acting crazy. That’ll be in Theater 3. As for the rest of the theater, Fruitvale Station (Tickets) will continue to make rooms full of people cry in Theater 1, Only God Forgives (Tickets) continues to forgive in Theater 2 and Girl Most Likely (Tickets) has a pair of midnight screening before it heads off to that big Netflix queue in the sky.

Bad Girls and Maniac Cops at Midnight
Sleazy horsefly noir Wild Things (Tickets) is up next in our Barely Murray series, where Bill plays a sleazy Florida lawyer out to grab a chunk of fraudulent settlement money from Matt Dillon and his two wild girls: Neve Campbell and Denise Richards. Come for the Bill Murray, stay for all of the three way sex where Matt Dillon is all “Yeah. YEAH.”

We <3 New York Horror here at Nitehawk. It shows off the city we live in at a point in time when it was a giant, crime-ridden shit-hole, over-run with strung-out pushers, hookers and movie theaters that showed nothing but porn and horror movies — paradise, basically (until you were robbed and stabbed or ejaculated on).

Maniac Cop (Tickets) kicks things off — a fun and violent B action movie starring Bruce Campbell and Tom Atkins as a pair of cops hunting down a killer in a police uniform. No good cop/bad cop, just bad cop.

Kentucky Girl Makes It Big and Woody Allen in the Future for Brunch
Our Country Brunchin’ feature this month is the excellent Coal Miner’s Daughter (Tickets), the life story of country music starlet Loretta Lynn. Supported by a fantastic cast — Sissy Spacek took home an Oscar, but Tommy Lee Jones, Levon Helm and Beverly D’Angelo all turn in great performances as well — Coal Miner’s Daughter follows Lynn’s life from her destitute early childhood to her miraculous rise to super-stardom.

See the movie and understand why Loretta Lynn wrote so many songs about husbands who are philandering shit-heads. Live serenade in the theater before the film from Lil Mo’ and the Monicats.

In Woody Allen’s Sleeper (Tickets), a nebbish store clerk has himself frozen and then thawed out like a frozen TV dinner in the distant future, he faces a steep cultural learning curve in this incredibly weird world ruled by a totalitarian government. One of the director’s last screwball comedies before he got all fancy with Annie Hall.

Spirits Dinner: Gangs of New York
On Wednesday, we’ve teamed up with Dead Rabbit to bring you a special cocktail dinner paired along with Gangs of New York (Tickets). Ticket includes several courses paired to the movie from Nitehawk’s chefs and some badass manly brown liquor drinks from Dead Rabbit to drink while you watch men do manly things (like beat each other to death with clubs in public).

Cafe Programming…

Monday, 10pm; Simpsons Club
A straightforward Simpsons Club this week with four solid Season 5 episodes: “Homer and Apu,” “Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy,” “Deep Space Homer,” and “Homer Loves Flanders.” Just don’t bring a bag of chips, they’ll CLOG THE INSTRUMENTS. *ahem* … sorry.

Monday, 12am; Test Pattern Television
Our post-Simpsons TV screening will be a must-see episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, where Joel, Crow and Tom sit through Manos: The Hands of Fate, a movie that’s so bad it should be put in a museum and played on repeat for all eternity.

Tuesday, 9pm; Reel to Real
Our music video nights continue this week with Leaders of the New School,¬†an evening to school those still getting “crunk” on the fine art of getting “wavvy”. Sip on some Dirty Sprite with Black Hippy, Young Money, A$AP Mob and more because Mike WiLL Made It.