HATCHED asks three questions about three of the best things in life (movies, beer, and food) to the two people who are making our Beer Dinner: Fast Times at Ridgemont High unforgettable: Jimmy Lyons from our beer partner Lagunitas and Michael Franey from Chef de Cuisine at Nitehawk.

1) Why did you choose Fast Times at Ridgemont High to go with your beer/menu for Nitehawk?

Jimmy Lyons, Lagunitas: Fast Times is F’n awesome and Nitehawk is F’n awesome! We were honored to be apart of this union of all these F’n awesome things! (Truth be told, we were hoping to do Drop Dead Fred, but Phoebe Cates doesn’t take her bikini top off in it, soooo it was a no brainier…. It had to be Fast Times

Michael Franey, Nitehawk: I think that Fast Times lends itself to a multitude of menu choices. This menu was challenging because there are so many iconic scenes that are directly linked to food; from all of the different fast food joints Judge Reinholdt works in to the exploration of 1980s mall/food court culture. It was hard to pick just a few. 

2) What is it about this film that best compliments your (drink) or (food)? Is there a favorite scene?

JL: I think Phoebe Cates’ boobs probably compliment our beer the most in the movie, but there’s just an underlying attitude about the movie, the kind that just brings you back and makes you want to party like its 1982! And I think our beer can have that same effect on people…scientifically speaking. 

Favorite scene? “Doesn’t anyone knock around here!”

MF: Without a doubt, and I’m trying to not give too much away, Spicoli’s Pizza scene is what I remember most about the movie. The ridiculousness of the whole concept of having a pizza delivered to you in class was the epitome of rebellion that I wanted to achieve in high school. 

3) What’s your idea of the perfect food to eat or drink to drink during a movie? 

JL: Until Nitehawk came around there weren’t many options for food during movies. They made getting stoned and going to a movie make that much more sense! I can dig that calamari dish and a root beer float during a movie any day of the week!

MF: I’m a huge fan of the sweet salty combo. Nitehawk’s truffle and citric salt popcorn (RIP) and our chocolate bars w/ salty pretzel crumbs is a classic combo.