foxy brown splashLive+Sound+Cinema: Foxy Brown (Dir: Jack Hill, 1974)
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1) Foxy Brown was directed by Jack Hill, a director with a cult following built around his movies Spider Baby, Switchblade Sisters and a string of women-in-prison movies. He’s often credited for “discovering” Pam Grier, casting her in her first film The Big Doll House — a movie whose poster features a bunch of women in a suspended bamboo cage. It’s that kind of movie.

2) Foxy Brown was actually written and shot to be a sequel to Hill’s previous film, Coffy, where Grier played a nurse with a bad attitude and a penchant for taking her aggression out on motherfuckers who wronged her. For some reason, the studio forced Hill to make Foxy Brown stand-alone at the last minute, changing… well, nothing really.

3) The opening credits to this movie are badass, like a funked out version of a Bond intro. It features Foxy dancing around in front of multi-colored backgrounds, all rocking her outfits from the movie with hair like Donna Summer one second, and Angela Davis the next. Quit your job and start watching it on repeat, starting right now:

4) The film’s soundtrack is from Motown artist Willie Hutch, who also performed the soundtrack for The Mack and provided a pretty rad song to The Last Dragon. His score for Foxy Brown can pretty much be summed up thusly: wacca-chicka, wacca-chicka, wacca-chicka, wacca-chicka, wacca-chicka.

It’s really good is what I’m saying.

5) This is more of a question, really: At the beginning of this movie, Foxy’s brother (Antonio Fargas, looking fly, natch) tries to avoid some knee-cracking thugs on the hunt for him by joining some cops snacking at an all night food stand. Everyone in the scene orders a taco and some coffee. Is that not weird? That seems like a weird thing for six different men to order. Or is it some sort of fucked up California thing to drink black coffee while going to town on some tacos?

6) Apparently, Jack Hill originally didn’t like Grier’s costumes, thinking that her trendy outfits would date the movie too much. As if the music, the plot, the actors, the decor, the cars, the hair, the slang and the cheap film stock weren’t clue enough that this movie was made in 1974.


Not dated at all.

7) Like a lot of these Blaxploitation movies, Foxy Brown is downright grimey. Foxy gets raped and then she sets the men who did it on fire. Her brother gets shot in front of his girlfriend by a pair of white bruisers and then they turn around and slit her throat while lamenting the loss of such a nice piece of ass. Foxy gets called a “big jugged jiggaboo” at one point. It’s definitely an exploitation movie.

8) I love, love, love how these movies’ always feature a group of armed neighborhood vigilantes whose apartments are always full of militant black power paraphernalia and a shit load of  automatic weapons.

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9) The bad guys in this movie are a really strange pair. Foxy infiltrates a prostitution  ring that runs protection for drug dealers, providing top class prostitutes to sleaze-ball judges in exchange for leniency. The group’s pimp is a spaced out white lady who fills her girls up with heroin and threatens to ship them off to unspeakable fuck-bunkers in Haiti if they disobey her. Her chief lieutenant is her male concubine who clearly kind of hates his boss but sleeps with her anyway. He gets his dick cut off at the end.

10) I kind of hate that Foxy Brown the rapper has a stronger google presence than Foxy Brown the sex goddess.